Angry, Chris Hemsworth anticipates new details on George Miller’s film

To sponsor the release of his new Netflix film, Tyler Rake 2, which is available today on the on-demand streaming platform, Chris Hemsworth It gives us an opportunity to speculate a few more details about the mysterious character played Mad Max: Furiousnew movie directed by george miller,

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe star discussed the highly anticipated New Chapter in the Mad Max FranchiseWho, after years playing the Marvel comic book hero Thor, forced him to step into the villainous role: “i wasn’t sure what i was going to do“Hemsworth explained to colleagues in EW.”As I was getting closer to the start of filming, it started getting even scarier. then suddenly work started and done one of the best experiences of my career,

chris hemsworth has it too appreciated the work of George Miller on Furiousstating that the filmColossal and supernatural and everything you’d expect from the world of Mad Max, Miller managed to do something unexpected, that took my breath away,

Mad Max: Furious To be released on May 24, 2024And Dear Anya Taylor Will See Joy As Young Imperatris Furiosa: This Movie Will Be A Prequel mad max fury roadand will follow Furiosa from adolescence to adulthood as she travels the wasteland after being abducted from the Green Place of Many Mothers. Chris Hemsworth plays DementusLeader of a biker gang at war with Citadel leader Immortan Joe.

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