Anibal Lototzky’s lawyer breaks silence after Mariano Caprarola’s death: ‘We don’t know what happened’

Mariano Caprarola’s death sparks storm center Hannibal Lotocki, who will be subject to judicial investigation. Amid the uproar, the surgeon’s lawyer broke the silence.

Aníbal Lotocki’s ex-patient’s traumatic experience: ‘I woke up to Ricardo Fort’s face’

After Mariano Caprarola’s death, a former patient of Aníbal Lotocki broke his silence to tell the details behind the drama he had to live.

Lotocki’s legal representatives spoke with Intruders on Wednesday about the Fashion Cage group members’ deaths. “I was surprised by the indifference with which he spoke, but I want you to listen to him,” said Guido Zafra, who spoke to the lawyer.

I really don’t know because we don’t know what happened to Mariano. I don’t think you know either, there is no official medical report. We don’t know the medical history, we know what was said on TV, that’s all,” the lawyer said.

In the audio, he also added: “Since this is not judicialized, there is no criminal case or any civil trial. I really can’t comment or give an opinion on things that I don’t know.”

Anibal Lotocki makes strong decision after Mariano Caprarola’s death: ‘He’s afraid of going to jail’

Marcela Tauro tells the story of Aníbal Lotocki after receiving complaints from patients. detail.

it makes me ashamed. This woman, what she has done seems to me completely disgraceful,” Flo de la V added with great indignation after saying this.

Heartbreaking Audio of Gabriela Trenchi vs. Aníbal Lotocki

Gabriela Trenchi speaks to Estefi Berardi as she recounts how events of recent days have had a strong impact on her health following surgery . Hannibal Lotocki.

“Hi. I’m not feeling well. I’m trying to answer everyone. Psychiatrist forbids me to call, doctor forbids me to call’, Gabriela asserted in a message to Mananisima.

Then the woman also added distressedly: “I have a bad gut from taking too much medicine. I had to see a specialist because I had drug gastroenteritis, I had to go to the dentist and I was having a panic attack because of what happened with Mariano and Silvina. I feel like I’m following. ”

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