Animal print and its iconic history

A Brief History of Animal Printing

Animal clothing has existed even before the birth of fashion, classifying itself as one of the common clothing items for most people. Ancient Tribe. basically male the ancient They used animal skins not only to keep warm and protect themselves, but also to wear or display them inside their homes. status, This tradition was further consolidated in the following eras, when aristocrats, for example, used skin rugs or stuffed animals as symbols of their power. nobility,

In 1700, the first prints appeared, coming closer to contemporary fashions. Clothes to decorate Small from all over Europe. Even jungle design hasn’t spared modern decorating habits: from home salons to tools for use dailyAnimalistic approach, as a smartphone cover design, It was in fact Roberto Cavalli, a lover of this style, who renewed its aesthetics at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2012. cycloteA hybrid between a piece of fitness equipment and a decorative piece Collection With the payoff – ride or design -, proposing it in an animal print version is unusual for a bike like an exercise bike.

The ancient Greeks called this style Zote from ζωή, meaning lifeIn these there was a deep connection with wearing animal skins. dionysian cult and is therefore associated with debauchery and lust, a cliché that is still associated with the animalistic world.

Beastly in Paris in the 30s

Josephine Baker

Josephine BakerThe singer and dancer, the first icon of modern fashion who helped launch the press into a luxurious and fashionable environment such as the casinos of Paris, is considered the first black celebrity and one of the most admired in the industry. Show in those years. He used his great popularity to fight against racism, especially in support of Martin Luther King’s civil rights. their style was closely related animal printIndeed, his exotic tastes did not go unnoticed, which served as a distinguishing feature of his stage persona. When she performed at the Casino de Paris, the director of the establishment presented her with her first animal, a Leopard whom she called Chiquita. Cheetah not only follows him on stage, but also follows him in his personal life. Chiquita poses and accompanies in many scenes. The cast will also be seen alongside Animal Al lease On the Champs-Élysées.

Animalism in haute couture and cinema

Christian Dior, 1947

Audrey Hepburn

1947 Veterinarian enters the Dazzle Haute couture thank you for Christian Dior Who paraded in dresses made of leopard-spot printed chiffon. Ultimately customs clearance is necessary to be demanded by all. However, initially it was dedicated to a fashion Femme fataleDior was the first designer to love the exotic style and suggestive The overwhelming passion for this print led him to use animal fur on the cuffs of coats and hats. Stars were not slow to follow in his footsteps and neither were other fashion houses. In ’53, Marilyn Monroe wore a fur muff with the same motif in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, and in ’63, Audrey HepburnVery handsome hero in the movie “Charade”, wore a spotted hat made by Givenchy.

Animal Prints in the 70s and 80s

Animal print peaked between the 70s and 80s, reappearing in a glam rock key and this time brutal: spotted tracksuits, bodysuits and zebra-striped lingerie for day and evening looks. debbie harryThe leader of the rock group Blondie, was one of star Who liked this style the most.

debbie harry

At the time, Roberto Cavalli was laying the foundation for what would later become his stylistic identity: a focus on the exotic touch. In the 1970s he proposed printing LeopardZebra in ’99 and Press in 2006 butterfly, Cavalli chose the Milanese catwalks to present a collection full of animal prints, which would become his distinctive features, combined with denim, brocade and jeweled leather. In the late 90s the brand was sold in about 40 countries.

Too Lover In 1987 he found himself so fascinated with animals that he was nicknamed the “King of the Fashion Jungle”. After a short stand in the fashion jungle, Gianni Versace proposed leopard prints in various colors and silk shirts for men’s pret-a-porter. Azzedine Alaia proposes a spotted total look inspired by hip hop music and street style emerging in the 90s.

L’Animalier today

Animal prints are destined to remain in fashion history until now and everyone adds a piece of themselves Season, You can no longer ignore the vintage revival of recent years and the aesthetic themes that have been ruling the fashion web. There are people who interpret this to a far more extreme level than we think and that’s the case with Mason. schiaparelli Schiaparelli brought in this SS 2023 catwalk His idea of ​​Dante’s Inferno during Paris Fashion Week. Supermodels like Irina Shayk and Shalom Harlow paraded with fake animal heads like wolves, lions and white panthers. The same Kylie Jenner, Sitting in the front row next to Chiara Ferragni, she wore one of the previews. creations,

Could Doja Cat and Jared Leto be considered the new frontier of animality at the Met Gala? In fact, both, in different ways, dressed as a cat, specifically Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved animal, Choupette.

Doja was seen wearing a dress with ears Cat, complete with facial prosthetics to fully immerse yourself in the simulation. Her shimmering silver gown was designed by Oscar de la Renta and featured a majestic train, accessorised with jewelry evenly shiny. As far as Jared Leto’s equally disruptive approach goes, it wasn’t a game of style so much as a coup. Scene: In fact the actor wore a cat costume, with white fur and a large head with ears and whiskers. All that’s left is to sit back and wait for the cattleman and his next moves Development continues.

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