Anna Millan: “My greatest success on social networks has been untouched photos”

You never know what a trip to Paris will bring, but it’s always an attractive plan. This time Anna Millan also joined in, so this plan is actually a great one.The goal is to make a A journey of the senses with an actress starring Frederic Malle. The French brand launches a new fragrance, heaven can wait, with a new commitment to leave a mark on the world of fragrance.Thanks to this, we find While she may regret it, the actress is a scent expertwho takes to social media unabashedly and chooses a strong scent to announce his arrival.

You are a person who is very sensitive to perfume. Where does that smell come from?
I’ve been interested in them since I was very young. I distinctly remember stealing perfume from my sister Maribel, who was ten years older than me. I still remember the perfume that was stolen from my grandmother when she was less than 6 years old, a very delicate perfume that she brought from France. My sister would leave me and my grandmother would scold me, but it didn’t matter, my grandmother would scold me for almost everything.
In what other areas do you have special sensitivities?
I think for life. I don’t know if it’s a special sensitivity, I know it’s mine and it’s very sensitive. Sometimes it’s heavy, but almost always a blessing. I am a textbook HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). It’s difficult until you learn to manage high levels of sensitivity, where you don’t understand what’s happening to you and why things affect you but not others. When you understand yourself, you can love yourself differently.
Would you say you are a perfume expert?
I’m an expert at a few things in life, I don’t know if there are many things that are an expert at all. I discovered long ago that there are no experts or experts in almost everything.
What is your perfume like?
I have never worn a perfume that was neither sweet nor floral. My eau de toilette is very citrusy. The rest is deep, spicy, woody, leather and tobacco. I’ve always loved oriental perfumes, very strong, very: “Hello. I’m here.”
Is there any fragrance that fascinates you?
Bigarade Concentree by Frederic Malle is a men’s fragrance that drives me crazy. I use it myself sometimes.

In Paris, Frederic Malle’s store invites you to experience the sensory experience of perfume.

How does smell affect you?
To me, perfume means dressing up. In fact, I will tell you, I am the one who influences the aroma. First I check in with myself and then I use perfume to enhance or transform myself.
What was your last crush?
Heaven Can Wait, by Frederic Mahler. This is a fragrance like no other. I think this is very interesting.
What makes Frederic Malle perfume so attractive?
They have a gift for blending in with people, they can never be separated from them, and they have an extraordinary ability to stick. Then they never smell synthetic, they always smell like believable blends. Drives me crazy.

Ana Milan wears Marina Rinaldi sweater, Max Mara pants and Manolo Blahnik shoes.Antoine Doyen

Are you worried about being beautiful and looking good?
I’m not worried about it, but I do like it and enjoy it.
Feel good?
This worries me and takes up my time 24/7.
how do you feel?
Absolutely full. That’s not to say I’m content, happy, and radiant from Monday to Sunday. No. I have my sad days too, and part of the sense of accomplishment I feel has to do with finding myself having a bad day and accepting it as a part of life.
What are your most effective health habits?
Review how I feel, what I want, and what I need. I could tell you to lie down, watch a movie or whatever, but if I don’t want to watch a movie at home, go for a walk, or have a spa session, then I have to say no. I prefer to check in with myself and ask, “Honey, what do you want?”
What makes you happy every day?
Strawberry meringue, a foot massage, a “good morning” message, text me a song…how much time do you have? Because I can give you a list of ways to make a special Telva using only the things that make me happy. There are many things.
You are very successful on social networks…
What is success, number of followers? “No Hate” caught my attention even more. Read my review. No one was insulted, they understood this was not their place. Although, for me, my biggest successes on social media have been photos that have not been retouched. This is me and my 49th year. This is a very important personal decision for me. Not retouched, those are my wrinkles, my veins, my cellulite, my unattractive skin…

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photo: Antoine Doyen.

modeling: Julia Martinez and Carla Aguilar.

Makeup and hair: Ivan Gomez.

video recorder: Eduardo Garrido.

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