Annalisa becomes Lady Gaga on stage when Tim Summers hits, that’s why

The queen of Italian pop, Annalisa, continues to dominate the charts with her musical catchphrases and win over both the public and social media. After the success of “Bellissima” and its irresistible viral dance on TikTok, it is now the turn of “Mon Amour”, one of the most played songs on Italian radio. The artist has now established herself as the “Queen Midas” of catchphrases, generating excitement wherever she goes.

Recently, during the Tim Summer Hits recording, a very important concert, Annalisa left the audience speechless not only for her performance but also for the choice of outfit she wore for the occasion. Fans on social media quickly noticed that the dress had already appeared on another occasion, worn by none other than international pop music icon Lady Gaga.

Many of Annalisa’s fans will recognize the Dolce & Gabbana dress that the singer wore as one of the protagonists in the video for Lady Gaga’s song “Paparazzi”. Released in 2009, this song is still very popular in Italy. Manuel Di Gioia shared two comparison photos on Twitter, highlighting the dresses worn by both Annalisa and Lady Gaga.

However, this choice is not entirely accidental, as evidenced by Annalisa’s own comment on Di Gioia’s tweet: “always the little monster”, which in Italian means “always the little monster”. Both the singers are practically the same age, having been born in 1985 and 1986 respectively. When Annalisa entered Emici’s school, the song “The Fame Monster” from Lady Gaga’s album was played on the radio.

“The Little Monsters” is also a term used to describe fans of Lady Gaga, emphasizing the admiration and affection that binds the two artists. Annalisa’s tribute to Lady Gaga through her choice of outfit represents a moment of connection and mutual respect between two queens of pop, united by a passion for music and a passionate fan base.

The dress, which has become an icon behind the scenes of Tim Summer Hits, underscores the influence that music icons can have on each other and how fashion can represent a universal language that bridges different generations and cultures. capable of making.

Annalisa, with her unique personality and undeniable talent, continues to conquer the Italian public and establish herself as one of the most loved and influential voices in the contemporary music scene. Her decision to pay tribute to Lady Gaga through the dress she wore during the event reaffirms the respect and admiration she has for an international icon who has always managed to surprise the public with her versatility and new facets of her craft. unleashes their potential.

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