Annalize, the Journey of a Star: Success, Touring, Social Media

Singer discovered Friends of Maria De Filippi, Annalise broke into the world italian musicgetting various satisfactions from work.

between success, songsalbums, tours and awards, Annalize is also a figure especially followed by her fans on social. Let’s find out more about musical career and personal life singer Annalise.

Biography of Annalize

Born in Savona on August 5, 1985. Annalize Scarrone she lived with her parents in Karkara, in the province of Savona, where she grew up. Graduated in Physics in 2009 at the University of Turin, she is known to the public simply as Annalisa.

Very attached to her family and her lineage, she especially loves the fight for animal rights. For this reason, she is – at the moment – a pescatarian, excluding some animal products from her diet, but not all. From 2015 to 2017, she was allegedly engaged to a producer David Simonetta.

Annalize at the Venice Film Festival greets photographers
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Innate musical talent

Annalise’s musical talent can be considered innate. As the father showed Elvio Scarrone in the past, his passion would have manifested already in elementary school; thank you collection discs his parents. For this reason, he immediately wanted to start making music.

At the age of eight he began to study classical guitar; research that continued until 1999. After that, he continued to study piano He was born in transverse groove.

From an early age passion for singing

At the same time, Annalize became infatuated I sing. Therefore, from the age of thirteen, he began to study this as well. Her high school music teacher encouraged her to follow this path.

Therefore, Annalise began to study musical technique and vocal technique with a teacher. Daniela Satrano. She later entered SIAE to record several songs she wrote: there seem to be more than a hundred songs, and there are also collaborations with two groups of which she was a member.

Annalisa seems to be inspired artists such as Lady Gaga, Eliza, Georgia, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Nada, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Rafaella Carra.

Annalize, the second in the 10th issue of Amici

In 2010, Annalize took part in the tenth edition Friends of Maria De Filippi. Actually, here he made his debut in the world of entertainment. The talent show became the springboard for Annalize’s musical career. The latter tried to attract attention during numerous daytime and evening broadcast sessions.

As a result, the singer managed to reach the final of the program, taking second place in the standings in the “Singing” category. In addition, he won Journalistic Critics Award equals 50 thousand euros.

Success comes: albums and concerts

After experience with Friends of Maria De FilippiAnnalize began to work seriously in the world of music, publishing album after another and doing a lot concerts. The first album was released in 2011 under the title Naliwhich they followed While everything is changing in 2012, I can not dance in 2013, He shines in 2015, If I had a heart in 2016, Bye bye in 2018 and Naked in 2020.

As for me toursAnnalize currently has in its asset While Everything Changes Tour in 2012 I can’t dance Tour in 2013 he Radiance Tour in 2015 If I had a heart Tour in 2016, Live quartet in 2017, Goodbye live in 2018, Naked10 outdoor in 2021 and Club Nuda10 in 2022. In addition, the release of the eighth album, And then we were in a whirlwind in 2023 and tour All in the whirlwind Palasport 2024.

Annalize’s participation in Sanremo at the Bolshoi

In 2013, Annalize landed in Sanremo Festival directly in the category Bigrepresenting I can not dance AND sparks. It was Scintille who remained in the race and took ninth place. During this festival in Sanremo, he also interpreted the song. For Eliza From Aliceduet with Emma Brown In the evening History of Sanremo.

Also in 2015, he participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song Window among the stars – she finished fourth in the standings – and in 2016 she led the race global flood (arrival eleventh). Annalize also participated in the Sanremo Festival in 2018 with The world is in front of youtaking third place and always in third place, in 2021 with Ten.

Annalize Scarrone Awards

During her career, Annalize Scarrone has had numerous praise. First he won Journalistic Critics Award in 2011 and 2012 with Friends of Maria De Filippi. Later he also won Fox Music League With alice and blue in 2014 Pearl Award Tyrrhenian Sea To Grand Gala Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea in 2013International Song Contest: Global Sound With sparks in 2013 and Best Italian Artist garlic MTV Europe Music Awards in 2018. Annalize also won Platinum CD for the album Nali in 2011 and CD Gold Award for the album Naked in 2021 Music Awards. Then they arrived Special Mention for Musical and Literary Value album While everything is changing in 2012 Lumecia Award, Mia Martini Award in 2014Most Wanted Radio Artist of the Year To Radio Stop Festival in 2015, Your-O-Vision Song Contest (Edition XCIX) in 2015 with I’ll win, New Reward For The diamond of hers and the light of his in 2011 and Women’s Award For No reserve in 2012 Italian Video Clip Award.

Then there are a lot of candidates. Among them are those ah Italian Latin Music Prize How Best International Female Artist or Group of the Year AND Best International Female Video of the Year in 2014 and Best International Female Artist or Group of the Year AND Best International Female Video of the Year in 2015. MTV Awards How The artist’s saga in 2013, The artist’s saga, amazing woman, MTV Awards Stars, Best Live Performance AND MTV Star 2015 in 2015 and The artist’s saga, amazing woman, MTV Awards Stars AND Best Live Performance in 2016. She was also nominated for Best Italian Singer To Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2015 as Best Female Artist garlic Stage Awards like in 2019 Best Hit Movie With After all To Rembrandt awards in 2015 and Best Female Artist AND Top Videos With alice and blue in 2013 and Best Live Performance AND Best Song With alice and blue in 2014 world music award.

Also noteworthy is the candidacy OGAE Song Contest With alice and blue in 2013 and winning as Second chance song contest OGAE With The world is in front of you in 2018 to OGAEin addition to the candidacy Best live and win like Best Song With alice and blue in 2013 victory as summer song With I only feel real in 2014 and nominations as Velvet song 2016 With I could get used to it AND summer song With All for a reason in 2017 Velvet Awards. Finally, there are applications like Best Italian Single With No reserve AND Best Italian Video With No reserve in 2012 as Best Concert/Festival/Italian Tour, Best Italian Single With sparks AND Best Italian Album With I can not dance in 2013, Best Italian Album With If I had a heart AND Best Performance by an Italian Singer/Group in 2016 and Best Italian Album With Bye bye AND Best Italian Video With The world is in front of you in 2018 Rokol Awards.

Love and marriage in Assisi with Francesco Muglia

Annalisa in a wedding dress
Photo from Instagram account @naliannalisa

Annalise married June 29, 2023secretly in Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi with your partner Francesco Muglia. The latter is Costa Cruises Vice President for the Marketing Sector. The couple seems to have met in 2020. After a religious ceremony, the couple remarried in a civil ceremony in the village of Tellaro in Liguria. The wedding took place on July 1, 2023, surrounded by many more relatives and friends.

TO second marriage Annalisa and Francesco, which were attended by, among others, Maria De Filippi, Alessandra Amoroso, Fabio Rovazzi and influencers Rudy Zerbi and Veronica Ferraro. Speaking of Annalize’s wedding, see her profile. Instagram – shared frames and a thought dedicated to her husband:

I have asked myself many times what love is, and the truth is that I do not have an exact answer. I interpret this as a very strong push into the future, that passion that pushes for everything, even for unexpected things. Music, my people, my weaknesses, my goals, putting myself in other people’s shoes, imagination, places, sharing, crying, laughing, jumping. Love for love. 06/29/2023

Born in Padua on July 23, 1980, Francesco Muglia graduated in literature and majored in marketing and communications at Stockholm University. He has two brothers and a sister, the son of a bank clerk and a housewife. It seems that it was the latter – as a big fan of Annalize – who tried to bring them together in 2020 in Dubai. A graduate of the conservatory where he studied organ, Muglia continued. Instagram about 11 thousand subscribers.

Annalize’s Instagram Profile

Annalise, of course, is present on Instagramwhere she is followed by 2 million subscribers.

Here, with his posts, photos, videos, stories and videos, he shares, first of all, his working life. In fact, Annalize has always been especially reserved about her private sphere.

Annalize’s official Facebook page

Finally, speaking of social media, Annalize is also present on YouTube where he has 229,000 subscribers and up facebookwhere he has 1.1 million followers.

With regard to facebook, this is his official and therefore work profile. According to some rumors, he will actually also have a private profile with an incognito name reserved for family and friends only.

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