Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep reunited at the Clooney family’s special event on the 17th anniversary of the success of The Devil in Fashion, and they welcomed all the wonders.

Two great Hollywood stars have announced that they will appear at an important gala organized by the family of George Clooney in New York. This is Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, who have developed a strong relationship of love and respect. As the average fashionista shared on Instagram, a joyful return.

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Ann and Meryl
at the Clooney Foundation for Justice Solidarity Dinner.

Si bien ni Ann Hathaway No Meryl strip if they were spoken in red across the space they shared, it trumped the postal message, where the translator of The Princess Diary was wearing a shift dress in platinum and diamond green, created especially for Donatella Versace, and also packed a mini bag, while as the main character of Mamma Mia opted for a two-piece look with a rhinestone bow and black trousers underneath, inspired by the iconic design.

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