Anne Hathaway is grateful to participate in a project by Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro


The famous one mentioned that Del Toro, who also serves as co-writer in the new version “Las Brujas” is out of the ordinary

Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro form an undeniable combination of talent and creativity, says Anne Hathaway, and if they add Robert Zemeckis to this equation, the result is quality and total magic in the cinema.

This is affirmed by the multi-lauded actress when referring to the Mexicans who serve as producers of “Las Brujas”, a film that opens this weekend in Mexico, and whose director, Zemeckis, has in his history titles such as “Náufrago”, “El Expreso Polar ”and“ Forrest Gump ”, the latter earned him an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

“ Talking about Alfonso and Guillermo is talking about quality and talent, it seems to me that both are the inspiration for any actor. Every time they make a movie, they raise the bar (of quality). Her work is fabulous and I am grateful to participate in a project with her name, ”she commented.

“ I feel that it would be unfair, or it would be an understatement, if I describe the immense talent they have and how much they inspire with the work they have done, they made us feel involved and committed to this film. And we thought Oh my God, with these men! And we add Robert Zemeckis, this is fantastic, “said Hathaway in an interview from London.

The famous one mentioned that Del Toro, who also co-writes this new version of the feature film that was released in 1990 with Anjelica Huston as the protagonist, is out of the ordinary.

” It is admirable, her creativity, her imagination, everything, ” said the star of films like “The Devil Wears Fashion” and “Interstellar.”

A few weeks ago, Hathaway released on social networks an image characterized as The Grand Witch, which caused applause and criticism; however, the Academy Award winner for her performance in “Les Miserables” emphasizes the importance of this work.


“The result was impressive. We knew it was going to generate a lot of comments. There are different faces of The Grand Witch, for some of them we had up to five hours of characterization. Nowadays in networks everything generates comments and I love that many people have liked it ”.


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She assured that she is not nervous about the comparisons that may arise from her interpretation with respect to the one Anjelica made in the film directed by Nicolas Roeg.

“ I saw ‘Las Brujas’ when I was a child, and the performance (of Anjelica) is one of the best I’ve seen, it’s perfect, it’s fabulous. I think it’s ideal and she did it wonderfully. That film is so good that it didn’t make sense to go in the same direction, that’s why it’s different, “she shared.

” And would not have to feel nervous about comparisons, and I wish that people had in mind, as for example in the last 30 years, there have been six Batman, four Jokers, three James Bond, and also include the As diverse as the Spider-Man universe has been, then we focused and generated a completely different atmosphere. ”

The actress claims to feel satisfied and full with her current life, leaving behind rumors about her personal life.

Anne Jacqueline  Hathaway, who turns 38 on November 12 and who lives in Manhattan with her husband Adam Shulman and their two children, Jonathan and Jack, is currently in the UK capital filming “Lockdown” with Ben Stiller and Chiwetel Ejiofor under the direction of Doug Liman.