Anne Hathaway’s 6 Favorite Pumps: Copy Her Style!

Anne Hathaway, the biggest fan of high heels, has a really huge collection of 10 high heels! Here are 6 of the coolest models…

Anne Hathaway's 6 Favorite Pumps: Copy Her Style!

If there is a VIP who has a passion for cleavage, that’s it. Anne Hathaway is madly in love with everything that has at least the 10th heel! Pumps with tapered toes, discreet colors and bright shades, which the beautiful Ann jealously stores in her shoe rack, so much that she literally goes crazy. Most of her looks revolve around these obviously classic shoes, which give the famous actress a very elegant and sophisticated charm!

These 6 pairs of pumps are Anne Hathaway’s favorite shoes

The models he wore throughout his career So a lot of that it’s impossible to remember them all, but despite that, there are some offerings that particularly caught our attention, perhaps because of their newest design, or because of how Hathaway decided to put them together! Are you curious to know what we are talking about? Then let’s get to the heart of the matter…

Classic black neckline for a sophisticated look.

Classic, minimalistic and especially sophisticated, Anne Hathaway’s black cleavage in this picture shows that elegance is at the heart of the famous American actress’s personality. Worn with carelessness and refined carelessness, these shoes are adorned with a delightful bow located on the side of the boot and a very tapered toe, which gives harmony to the whole outfit. To copy her style, all you have to do is get yourself one that has the same basic nature as the shoes the iconic artist wore!

A decidedly colorful model for sophistication

Anne Hathaway is a lover of not only a restrained and essential neckline, but also a violent one; and among her coolest models, these fuchsia shoes are sure to fall, characterized by a glossy finish which will add another 100 points to your figure! Paired with a pretty purple dress, these shoes show off a particularly lively yet sophisticated spirit, just like Anna’s personality. By purchasing such a model, you can be sure that your look will be a hymn to fashion in its most absolute form!

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Pair of necklines with a dizzying plateau, with a trendy character

Another round, another run and this time it’s the turn bold model it leaves its mark on the hearts of those who observe it: the neckline in this look is an emblem of originality and sophistication! To make everything more interesting, we think the dizzying plateau is accompanied by an ankle strap, for a final effect that is as cool as it is sensual.

A bright red must-have for a sporty look

And who said that you can’t wear pumps with a sporty look? Anne Hathaway defied all taboos combination of heel 10 with this beautiful total black set, characterized by comfortable black trousers, a tank top and a sports sweatshirt with a zip. Of course, she did not miss the opportunity to show off a beautiful red cleavage on her legs to give a twist to the whole outfit!

Gold as a motto for the most chic occasions

If Hathaway likes to wear pumps in everyday life, consider when smart occasions call for it! And as evidence of this, the very young Ann clings to a floral satin dress, very tight, but at the same time super chic. What to complete the look, if not golden pumps? What a chic

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A bright and flashy model, suitable for those who want a little more daring.

And finally, the last model on the list: this time it’s the turn of the vitamin orange, super bright shade that can highlight her legs! What do you think of this combo?

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