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Annie Hall pants, go back to the office with style

  • We explain the best way to combine this timeless ‘look’

After more than a year wearing tracksuits for everything and dressing from the waist up at telework meetings, the high-waisted pants, darts and wide legs, the ‘Annie Hall’ style, also known as daddy’s or men’s pants, are about to end the reign of skinny pants, already battered by other options with more ‘punch’ among clients, such as ‘mom jeans’ (the typical cut of the 90s) or ‘paper bag’ models ( wide and with gathered waist).

The culprit, as on other occasions, one of the little sisters of the Kardashian clan, Kendall jenner, a regular prescriber of ‘around the world’ trends. Well, at the end of last April the model highlighted a photo on her Instagram that was neither a cover of her in ‘Vogue’ nor a pose in a bikini, with cyclists or a tiny top. Instead he wore a pair of beige chinos fitted at the waist with a black belt, wide at the hips and generous leg, combined with a large and wide blouse. A tribute to the Diane keaton from ‘Annie Hall’ (1977) and to Katharine hepburn from ‘Philadelphia Stories’ (1940) actually belonging to the firm’s spring-summer collection The Row, of the sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. That a few days later the British ‘top’ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley decided to trace the ‘outfit’ for a ‘reenme’ with style, but with a Hermès bag from her vintage, it was just the beginning of a great friendship between this successful and legendary combination of polished, comfortable and winning ‘looks’ to return to the cut without downturn that a long list of’ insiders’, famous like the guitarist Danielle haim or the actress Jennifer Lawrence and even ‘royals’ like the Duchess of Cambridge, who also wore the creamy pants to attend a hospital opening in Scotland.

So much fortune has this ideal set for the face-to-face return to the office that different firms -some as popular as Zara- have striven to clone in different ways and at a better price than the 940 euros that the ‘Igor’ model trousers from The Row costs, which is so similar to the one worn by the protagonist of the Woody Allen film .

Comfort and gender neutral

The Annie Hall or “Daddy’s” pants -search term in Zara- convey good sense and a bit of nostalgia. They have an illustrious pedigree in the androgynous fashion (directly connect Hepburn and Keaton with the Richard Gere Armani dress in ‘American Gigolo’) and are the perfect companion to a dark leather belt sold in any department store. It is the off-road garment that combines comfort that we have incorporated into our cabinets for more than a year and the desire to return to real life, the one before the pandemic. Plus exude freedom, independence and neutrality in the genre, a plus in contemporary trends but that meant a whole revolution for its first prescribers.

In the case of Katharine hepburn, legend has it that he dared to wear the 100% masculine garment with superlative tweezers when only men could wear it. The actress’s fondness for these pants led the RKO Pictures wardrobe manager to hide them from her, and in protest, the one from ‘The beast of my girl’ had no better idea than to tour the studios in her underwear until they were returned to her. He succeeded, and that was still missing for 1939, the year that for the first time a woman in pants appeared in a fashion magazine. Women who then dared to wear pants could end up arrested for “dressing up” as men, unless they were actresses ahead of their time as Greta garbo or Marlene dietrich.

The revolutionary garment in women’s fashion had its ‘revival’ in the late 70s thanks to the character played by Diane keaton in the Woody Allen film of the same name (she won the Oscar for Best Actress and the film was the highest grossing of 77). As she recounted in her memoirs ‘Then Again’ (2011), the filmmaker told her: “Move like a real person. Don’t give too much importance to dialogue and wear whatever you want.” And she, contrary to the opinion of the film’s wardrobe manager, Ruth Morely, put on the menswear that was popular with the women of New York Soho: “Annie’s pants, tie and vest are directly inspired by them. I stole the hat from Aurore Clément, the future wife of Dean Tavoularis, who appeared in the set of ‘The Godfather II’ “, he tells in the book. Ralph Lauren signed most of that legendary urban uniform that has made a strong comeback today.

The perfect combination

But what makes this style so desirable that Diane Keaton herself hasn’t stopped wearing it since?

Neutral-toned trousers

This tailored piece fitted at the waist and with darts is a must-have in your wardrobe. Khaki is a neutral that you can combine with any other color, also beige.

This is a timeless staple and the foundation for the Annie Hall outfit. Tailor your favorite cut and style of white shirt with tailored pants and a vest like the character from the movie. You can also dare and change the plain shirt for one with lace or lace, to give it a different touch.

Although Annie wore it in black, you can wear it in any other tone, tartan or even patterned like Louis Vuitton and Paco Rabanne. They look good in all seasons of the year. For this fall, the knitted ones and with colorful childish drawings cause a sensation. A nice way to update the ‘Annie Hall’ style.

Ruth Morley, one of the recognized costume designers in the romantic comedy and Keaton’s wardrobe manager in ‘Annie Hall’, was the architect of the main character included a tie in his style. The accessory is back also thanks to Dior, who blessed it in its autumn-winter 2020/2021 collection.

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The set wins whole with a hat. You can opt for a fedora type, like the one Keaton wears in the movie, or a new version like the ‘Bobs’ from the Celine brand for autumn-winter.


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