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land two dashes on the test, the excitement of a new life that is about to begin and, of course, desire announce pregnancy to relatives and friends.

What right moment share news? In general, the advice is to wait until the end of the first quarter which is known to be most delicate moment. However, this is a purely personal choice and not always shared: so, if future parents want, they can announce a joyful event even earliermaybe close friends.

How to declare it? Here are the original phrases!

How to tell a future dad

Thus, not all women perform pregnancy test with future dad. So, if he doesn’t know anything yet, telling him the good news in a funny and original way will make this moment, already unforgettable in itself, even more. special. Any idea? Yes you can insert a witty note into homemade fortune cookiesor leave a note next to a positive pregnancy test or again, trust message fun t-shirt.

What phrases to pay attention to? Here are some of them for inspiration:

  • Dear Dad, I look forward to seeing you in nine months.
  • Let’s rest now: in nine months it will no longer be possible!
  • I don’t have big news for you, but our son would like to inform you that I’m pregnant…
  • Have you been shopping? From now on I will eat for two!
  • Dear dad, there’s a surprise in mom’s tummy!

How to inform your grandparents about your pregnancy

The first people to whom expectant parents usually inform about pregnancy are obviously grandmother and grandfather. Their emotions will be immense: whether it is their first experience or not, for grandparents, the appearance of a grandson is always something magical. How, then, to communicate the good news to them? Again, let your imagination run wild. You can, for example, organize dinner with them, setting up an additional place at the table to put a pair of shoes or a pacifier. Or write them a funny note… focusing on the sentence “effect”: emotions (and a small tear of emotion) are guaranteed.

Here are some phrases for inspiration:

  • As parents, you were very good, it’s time for a promotion: in nine months you will become grandparents!
  • YYYY. We are looking for a permanent nanny. Will you be available in a few months?
  • Start training: in a few months you will have to run after a small pest.
  • I’m on my way… and I know you will be the best grandparents in the world!
Dried fruits during pregnancy: how they are useful for mother and child

Dried fruits during pregnancy: how they are useful for mother and child

Phrases to let your friends know

And then the time comes announce your pregnancy to friends for lifethose with whom you are accustomed to share holidays, evenings and moments of rest and with whom it will also be wonderful to celebrate a joyful occasion.

Also in this case, those who don’t want to opt for a classic, somewhat formal declaration might consider disclose news in its original form. Any idea? An expectant mother, for example, can come to the evening with one witty t-shirt with slogan “soon. Or parents-to-be might consider organizing lunch or dinner, inviting friends and deliberately adding extra seat at the table. Question Who are we waiting for? Just an answer”He’s actually already here with us.“.

Who would rather entrust ad to funny message but he lacks ideas, he can be inspired by one of these phrases to write to friends …

  • I have nothing to tell you, but our little boy would like to inform you that I am pregnant!
  • I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be pregnant. Well, now I know.
  • You are ready? Our team is getting bigger!

Announce second pregnancy

Or, for informing friends about the second pregnancy in a hilarious way:

  • Having a baby was so much fun that we decided to have another one!
  • Second round!

If this is a “second round”, then a smart idea to announce a second pregnancy might be let the eldest son wear T-shirt with a meaningful inscription, for example “I will become an older brother/sister“.

How to announce it on social media

There are those who choose harness the power of social media tell good news to friends and acquaintances. The inspiration may come from the many celebrities who have taken to Instagram to announce the birth of their baby to their followers.

So he did, for example Britney Spears, Sean and Jayden’s ex-mother, who announced her third pregnancy with boyfriend Sam Asgari in a post. Or again Katy Perry who decided to announce on Instagram in 2020 that he was expecting his first child with Orlando Bloom.

Among the local VIPs too Aurora Ramazzotti, baby mom today Caesar Augustborn March 30, along with his partner Goffredo Cerza chose di announce pregnancy to subscribers via social media. No photos or showy phrases the couple actually entrusted funny and ironic video went viral, of course.

Parents-to-be who choose to advertise “via social media” are spoiled for choice. If the abdomen is already sufficiently noticeable, it can be focus on the classic mom-to-be shot be accompanied by the inscription “the news is coming“. If, on the other hand, it is still the first few months, for a guaranteed “surprise” effect Can you post a picture of the first ultrasound? or one more cool photo of mom and dad with the words “1+1=3”. It is impossible not to understand.


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