Announced collaboration with Rihanna?

It continues to expand its reach ASAP Rocky with new Riot (Rowdy Pipen)published in support of the new advertisement of beats studio proWith which the Harlem rapper makes his debut as a director of a commercial.

In addition to Rocky’s rap, the beat was co-produced by Pharrell Williams However, there are also Beats by Dre headphones Rihanna Among the heroes of the release: below we will explain why

ASAP Rocky publishes RIOT: collaboration with Rihanna also announced?

Of the many names in the music business who have prioritized other projects in the studio in recent years, there certainly are three here today.

Pharrell is now focused on his role as creative director of Louis Vuitton, however, without forgetting his origins, to the extent of spoofing an unreleased piece by Clipse, aka Pusha T, and his brother No Malice during a fashion show in Paris.

It seems that so far Rihanna has definitely abandoned the idea of ​​making a new official album, when seven and a half years have passed since the last one and meanwhile the decline in the world of fashion and beauty has exceeded that of music.

Finally, there is ASAP Rocky who, despite a short wait of a few years, is now driving even his fans crazy, waiting for information on the post from 2018-testing, Collaborations with fashion or entertainment giants, justice problems in Sweden, and a whirlwind love story with the aforementioned Barbadian singer keep her somewhat busy.

A performance with a few unreleased songs and ASAP friend Ant certainly isn’t enough and, of course, it won’t either. Riot (Rowdy Pipen), Okay, it’s a pleasant song, but her fans expected something else, and not a track that’s making people talk more about Rihanna, especially for this conclusion to the second verse:

new collaboration with my baby momma

do you mean single? a disc? Or maybe it just refers to their second child they’re about to have?

Listen Riot (Rowdy Pipen) by ASAP Rocky and tell us yours.

However, you can watch the filming location below beats studio pro Beats by Dre, where, in addition to the songs, we find ASAP Rocky as director and protagonist, possibly in autobiographical guise, assigned to record new music and, at the same time, fulfill his duties as a father at the invitation of his mother Rihanna.

While people are waiting to know whether it will soon come to light don’t be stupid (likely album title) or another Rocky-branded disc, we just have to listen to the unreleased disc released today and see the commercial shot for the famous headphone giant.

Good hearing and good vision!

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