Announcement of a study with a function Similar to that of the IG stories, users of the dissemination of the RIP Twitter


Twitter is known that the center of the test features touted similar stories. This attempt was announced by the company some time ago.

Quoted from Tech CrunchOn Thursday (5/3/2020), Twitter, this new format calls, as the fleets. This function is called, similar stories, because it is the uploading of content allows Twitter users Ephemeral or it can disappear automatically.

For the duration of the upload is the same as the stories, namely, 24 hours will automatically disappear, still. Difference, the functions, the fleets may not be used for the interaction, features, Likes, Replies, or Retweets do not apply.

For now, this feature is currently being tested in Brazil. However, this test is still limited and not yet for the public.

Nevertheless, the user can already see the presence of the functions of the fleet in the account in order to access the trial. Only, content Fleet can not Find searched the menu, “” or moments on Twitter.

Although similar stories, this function is called, the feast describe the most important function of Twitter-share the text. Thus, the user can upload a photo, GIF or video, but the edit function is not available.

Currently, users can get a test version of this feature, the video can upload to a duration of 2 minutes 20 seconds. While partners, such as publishers upload videos up to 10 minutes.

For now, Twitter is the implementation of Tests is still to determine user acceptance of this feature. Therefore, it is not known when the site microblogging You publish it.