Anomalous cases that are not studied in Medicine

The six years that the medical career They are intense and condense a good key training for the future of these professionals, but it is impossible to see all the clinical cases that exist in the world, especially those that do not occur frequently. A situation that can make the first years of residence more complicated. Faced with this scenario, a First year MIR has managed to viralize through Twitter a study published on a patient who gave birth when she went to the hospital for abdominal pain and was unaware she was pregnant.

This doctor explains that although he has not experienced a case like this, “in the ER you see a lot of children with very rare syndromes that are not even studied in their career “, explains this Pediatric resident to Medical Writing. “What I noticed most about the training is that you don’t get out of the race knowing how to explore the patient well, “and he adds that added to the time he had not seen patients -due to the coronavirus pandemic and the time spent studying the MIR exam- “the beginning was hard, but now much better, the change from student to resident is very noticeable, at least in the urgency. “

“I have been encouraged to tell it because when I read it for the first time I had absolute disbelief Regarding that this could be possible (it is not something that is studied in the Medicine career, nor for the Look -I never read- and I think it is something quite curious that people should know to do not judge patients who tell these stories, since they are not usually given credibility “, explains Jesús Blázquez to Medical Writing when consulting his motivation for rescuing the study published in 2014 in BMJ Publishing Group.

Along these lines, after his first months of experience as a MIR, he explains that in Pediatrics “sometimes we are incredulous of certain self-reported symptoms by children“since” on many occasions when you explore children they tell you smiling that something hurts them and when exploring them while distracting them, they do not complain or make faces of pain “.

Cryptic pregnancy, an example of a case that is not studied in the career

The thread, published from his Twitter profile, already has more than 2,400 retweets and 9,000 likes and details in a pleasant way how the patient entered the emergency room and although “everything indicated a renal colic, which is why they did an ultrasound, the doctor found that I was 33 weeks pregnant

“Entering through the door of the delivery room, she said that it was impossible, that it had to be a mistake, that she had been taking contraceptives, that, although irregularly, she had been bleeding, that she did not have a pregnant belly! Nothing “, continues this future pediatrician. “What happened to Laura has a scientific name, it is a“cryptic pregnancy”, That is, a pregnancy that goes unnoticed by the mother herself (and of the father, of course) and in some cases even until the moment of delivery. ”

In turn, the professional adds that this occurs 1 in 465 pregnancies, although “most tend to realize when the gestation is quite advanced, but even in 1 in 2,500 pregnancies go to term without anyone having the slightest suspicion of pregnancy. “In fact, as included in the same thread referring to the Observatory of results of the Madrid health service, of the 42,596 deliveries in the Community of Madrid in 2019, 90 of them were cryptic pregnancies.

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