Anote Music and TrustSwap (decentralized finance platform) partner to bring music royalty marketplace to Web3

200,000 titles in 17 catalogs by 200 different artists, over 25,000 investor portfolios. these are the numbers anote music simple, The platform was founded in January 2018 in Luxembourg Marzio F. Shena, Matteo Cernuschi And Gregoire Mathonet to create a market The investment in the music rights was supported by a total of 1.5 million Euros from the European Union, in turn by venture capital investors. and now Partnered with Anote Music trustswap, One of the most important DeFi (decentralized finance) platforms, a scaleup which in turn is funded by venture capital operators such as LVT Capital, 6k Starters And Andromeda Capital.

Partnership Realized With the Launch of the Baptized Loyalty Program backstage passbased on $ANOTE token, Available exclusively for presale within the TrustSwap community. Thanks to Anote Backstage Pass, community members will be assured of exclusive benefits, including refunds for streaming subscriptions and concert tickets, reduced rates on the platform, discounts, early access to auctions (see press release here).

Fractional shares of music royalties can be purchased on the Anote Music platform. This way investors can secure a passive income source thanks to royalties that are distributed regularly. Meanwhile, music rights owners such as artists, producers, songwriters and record labels retain 100% control over the management of their catalogues.

The platform therefore proposes a unique business model, offering publishers, record labels and artists the possibility to share a part of their future royalties with a network of investors and music lovers. A system that introduces a new monetization system and allows investors to participate in the journey of music creators. Provides a unified platform for Anote Music’s services blockchainWith an aim to make the music ecosystem increasingly participatory, transparent and secure.

The partnership therefore aims to create synergies between decentralized finance and the music industry, revolutionizing the world of music royalties and allowing music creators to monetize their work while retaining creative control.

Ivan AnastasovTrustSwap’s COO commented: “The music industry is changing rapidly and is preparing to enter a new era and we are proud to contribute to this evolution with Anote. Our goal is to maximize revenue for music lovers in the community and provide them with a fast, secure and efficient platform.”

“The best deals are usually made and the best relationships are formed backstage at concerts. We want to bring that kind of experience to our platform by introducing the Anote Backstage Pass. We chose to partner with TrustSwap because we believe their Web3 expertise will allow us to enter this new space, ensuring our customers enjoy all the benefits of this new partnership,” he said. Marzio Schena, CEO and co-founder of Anote Music. and explained babies: “Since the beginning of Anote Music’s activity, we have placed the technology developed on the blockchain at the base of our work, but most of our operations have taken place within the web2 space. Over the past 3 years, we have gained a deeper understanding of the music industry and the important role music royalty plays in this niche sector. In our quest to provide a safe and reliable product, we have always valued our community’s feedback and requests, constantly striving to improve their experience and meet their needs. Over the years, requests have varied, from faster payment of royalties to access to personalized bonuses, or even discounts or VIP access to the most exclusive concerts. It was with these invaluable suggestions that we designed the Anote Backstage Pass, a direct response to some of the requests we’ve received over the years. In addition to providing a booster to royalty portfolio, Anote Backstage Pass rewards our customers in a creative and dynamic way by bringing them closer to the exciting world of Web3. With the launch of the token, we aim to expand the Anote ecosystem by anticipating and meeting the needs of our community. Just like with blockchain, we have decided to leverage technology to unleash all the benefits our platform can bring. Anote Backstage Pass is a pioneering utility token-based loyalty program that aims to enhance the experience for users and artists on the platform, especially at the stage of buying and selling royalties.

Anote Backstage Pass was not only created for investors or music fans, Sheena said, “It is also aimed at those who occasionally attend a concert or have a music streaming account. We have chosen to partner with TrustSwap for the launch of Utility Tokens as we believe that their experience and knowledge in the Web3 space will allow us to successfully enter this new dimension, providing our customers with the benefits associated with this partnership. A range of benefits will be guaranteed. We couldn’t be happier to have them as partners because our shared values, including making the music market more transparent, can only take us to the top. In this process, the TrustSwap team fully supported us for the launch of the token, providing all the knowledge they have accumulated over the years, and professionally guiding us in this hitherto uncharted territory. These days, in particular, TrustSwap, with whom we have activated a partnership that has no pre-established time frame, is working with us largely in anticipation of the launch of the token tentatively scheduled for Q4 .

In the past, the music industry was very closed and limited to a select group of insiders: the ownership and trading of music catalogs discouraged widespread participation due to complex management processes and market inefficiencies, making successful artists even less valuable. Realized and they had to work hard. Decisions about creative control and finance. “Annot Music’s platform addresses these challenges by democratizing access to music catalog royalties, allowing music rights holders to auction off a portion of their future royalty streams on their own terms, while retaining full creative control This gives an unbiased assessment of the market and 100% managerial and artistic freedom”, concluded Shena.

Since its launch in 2020, ANote Music Marketplace has built a growing community 25,000 music lovers and investors. Now ANote is rapidly expanding its services worldwide, creating more and more opportunities in the global music industry with a wide selection of music catalogs, including Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Martin Garrix, Avicii, Britney Spears and many more. Contains songs performed by other artists.

Major names in the entertainment world as well as venture capital investors were involved in the project. We recall that in October 2021, ANote announced the appointment of a Senior Advisor to the Board of Matthew Knowles And charles antonelli The former is a noted entrepreneur, talent manager and founder of Music World Entertainment, who has served as executive producer for artists such as Chaka Khan, Earth Wind & Fire, Destiny’s Child, Solange and Beyoncé (of whom he is the father). … whereas Antonelli is a leading figure in the Italian entertainment scene, having held positions such as editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone Italia, Wired Italia and GQ Italia. The appointments coincided with the closing of A. bridge affair Investment plan for Anote keeping in mind the more important investment rounds. In addition, the startup received a grant of 400,000 euros from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy. All this, the startup announced at the time, totaled Raised capital of 1.5 million euros since inception of the business (see then press release here).

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