Another absence of Lionel Messi in PSG: he played 58% of minutes since he arrived and discontent grows

“Lionel Messi will continue with his individual recovery protocol post-Covid for the next few days, ”PSG announced this Saturday in its medical report prior to each match and, thus, the team will not be able to count on La Pulga on Sunday against Lyon to add a new absence of its maximum star, the ninth in 25 games since it debuted on August 29, 2020.

The expected debut

That first game was against Reims, for the French League, when he entered in the 66th minute instead of Neymar. The scoring ended with a 2-0 win with goals from Kylian Mbappé. Then 19 days had passed since August 10, 2021, the day of his arrival at PSG and time it took him to get in shape after the last official match he had played, on July 11, 2021, when he was champion of the Copa América with the Argentine National Team.

Messi made his debut for PSG on August 29, 2021, against Reims (EFE / EPA / YOAN VALAT).
Messi made his debut for PSG on August 29, 2021, against Reims (EFE / EPA / YOAN VALAT).
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From illusion to discomfort

Everything was illusion in Paris with the presence of the greatest star of world football that Barcelona had left in a pass that shocked the planet. The ultimate goal: win the UEFA Champions League with La Pulga as the flag, surrounded by superlative stars like Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. The minimum objective: fight all fronts -League and French Cup, and Champions- until the end.

Strictly speaking, the truth is that of the 2,250 minutes that PSG has played since Messi’s debut, the Argentine forward participated in 1,316, which shows a total of 58%. While, he was absent in 810, figure that bothers in the Park of the Princes.

Messi has six goals in 25 games: Mbappé almost triples it

The truth is that PSG and Messi so far they have not been able to calibrate at 100%. Of the 25 games the club played since Messi’s debut, the footballer played 16, of which he played 13 in full. He has scored a total of six goals (in that same number of games Mbappé scored 16) and gave three assists.

Although this saturday Mauricio Pochettino, PSG coach, did not give greater relevance to the fact that he could not count on Leo for tomorrow’s game (“It is under medical supervision, as the club’s report says, and that’s what we can say”, expressed), the truth is that indoors, the mood is of some disappointment.

It is that this new absence does nothing more than anchor the tedium generated by the constant difficulties that it presents The flea and that a while ago he let see Leonardo, PSG sports director, on October 30, 2020: “Messi? it’s a little hard to explain. In these two months he has spent more time with his Selection than here, he played three games in the last international break. He travels, he returns, he travels, he returns, and now he has muscle problems ”.

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Nobody can doubt Messi. That is the undisputed maxim. At PSG, however, they hope that the Rosario can give them all his talent, although for now they want him to stop missing so many games.

Lionel Messi at PSG since his debut: every game

  1. Debut: August 29, versus Reims (Ligue 1). He entered at 66 in place of Neymar. Result: 2-0 (Goals: Mbappé)
  2. 11/9 did not play vs clermont (Ligue 1). Result: 4-0 (Goals: Herrera, Mbappé, Gueye and Di María)
  3. 15/9 played versus witches (UCL) was booked at minute 72. Result: 1-1 (Goal: Herrera)
  4. 19/9 played versus Olympique de Lyon (Ligue 1). He was replaced by Hakimi in 76. Result: 2-1 (Goals: Neymar and Icardi)
  5. 22/9 did not play vs Metz (Ligue 1). Result: 2-1 (Goals: Hakimi)
  6. 25/9 did not play versus Montpellier (Ligue 1). Result: 2-0 (Goals: Gueye and Draxler)
  7. 9/28 started against Manchester City (UCL). He scored the second goal at 2-0 at minute 74. Result: 2-0 (Goals: Gueye and Messi)
  8. 3/10 was a starter versus Rennes (Ligue 1). Result: 0-2
  9. 10/15 did not play versus Angers (Ligue 1). Result: 2-1 (Goals: Pereira and Mbappé)
  10. 10/19 was a starter versus Leipzig (UCL). He scored two goals at minute 67 and 74 (from a penalty). Result: 3-2 (Goals: Mbappé and two from Messi)
  11. 10/24 was a starter vs Olympique de Marseille (Ligue 1). Result: 0-0
  12. 10/29 was a starter vs Lille (Ligue 1). He was replaced at 46 by Mauro Icardi. Result: 2-1 (Goals: Marquinhos and Di María)
  13. 3/11 did not play versus Leipzig (UCL). Result: 2-2 (Goals: Wijnaldum)
  14. 6/11 did not play versus Bordeaux (Ligue 1). Result: 3-2 (Goals: two from Neymar and one from Mbappé)
  15. 11/20 started against Nantes (Ligue 1). He scored a goal at 76. Result: 3-1 (Goals: Mbappé, D. Appiah -e / c- and Messi)
  16. 11/24 was a starter versus Manchester City (UCL). Result: 1-2 (Goal: Mbappé)
  17. 11/28 was a starter versus Saint-Éttiene (Ligue 1). He gave two assists. Result: 2-1 (Goals: two from Marquinhos and one from Di María)
  18. 1/12 was a starter versus Nice (Ligue 1). Result: 0-0
  19. 12/4 Was a starter versus Lens (Ligue 1). Result: 1-1 (Goal: Wijnaldum)
  20. 7/12 was a starter versus Bruges (UCL). He scored goals at 38 and 76 (from a penalty). Result 4-1 (Goals: two from Mbappé and two from Lionel Messi)
  21. 12/12 was a starter versus Monaco (Ligue 1). He gave an assist. Result: 2-0 (Goals: Mbappé)
  22. 12/19 did not play versus Feignies (French Cup). Result: 3-0 (Goals: two from Mbappé and one from Icardi)
  23. 12/22 was a starter versus Lorient (Ligue 1). Result: 1-1 (Goal: Icardi)
  24. 3/1 did not play versus Vannes (French Cup). Result: 4-0 (Goals: Kimpembe and three by Mbappé)
  25. 9/1 did not play versus Lyon (Ligue 1). It gets ready after taking the Covid-19

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