Another defeat and role of San Lorenzo

The match against Aldosivi was a continuity of what has been happening throughout the semester … Once again a team was seen without ideas, without direction, without attitude, without desire. Worrying! And, above all, if their references do not accompany the kids, who are so unprotected, everything continues to get out of hand. San Lorenzo was a big deal, losing 7 of its last eight games and may be last if Arsenal beat Unión on Thursday.

The Cyclone had started better. He came close to converting Donatti and seemed better off. However, from the serious individual failures the goal he suffered at 5 minutes is explained. Ortigoza demanded Flores at the start, the youth was very weak to dispute the ball with Milo and the center behind the wheel found Hauche in front, who shot Torrico for 1-0.

To make matters worse, San Lorenzo played fifteen more minutes watching, almost astonished, how the 11 in front played as they wanted practically without even offering the slightest resistance. When he woke up, he could not find the return due to his own limitations and because Devecchi, on loan at Tiburon, covered the two clearest: a free kick to Sabella and a point-blank shot by Uvita Fernández.

The second half was almost over. San Lorenzo seemed to come out determined, Rapallini did not give him a clear penalty by Coloccini, but those intentions quickly vanished. Aldosivi caught it badly standing against, pass from Iritier to Hauche behind a defense without reaction and 2-0 for the local. What came next was a piece of paper …

After a foul on Coloccini, Ortigoza wanted to take the stop, grabbed it with Cauteruccio and the judge took them both a direct red. But that’s not all, the former American champions kept arguing, El Gordo slapped him before leaving the field, then he even pushed Palermo and it seems that there was a mess in the locker room. Scandalous.

The game was already broken, it is not even worth analyzing tactical questions. The impotence of Fernandez Mercau, past revolutions and slapping a rival in the face (before he had slapped Rufino Lucero), it was a confirmation of all the disorder, lack of control and laziness that reigns on and off the pitch.

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