Another role for Racing: no one was saved against River

What role-playing team did Racing become? It hurts to write it, but it is reality. He made the worst squad in recent years, he is not up to the task in any important game and the new coach has already started to get dizzy from so many changes of names and schemes between players who are not up to the greatness of the club. Beyond the gross individual errors of each game, something that is already customary, against River it is not understood what Fernando Gago wanted to do with this poor Racing. He played hide and seek until a while before going out to the Monumental and the pose made water everywhere.

The coach, who has just one win and four losses, put together a line of five that is very difficult to analyze. Pillud and Prado as stoppers, Fabricio Domínguez and Chancalay making water for the bands. Inexplicable. The line of five, with other interpreters, had already been a disaster against Atlético, in Tucumán, and it had barely lasted 45 minutes. Gago’s guilt is great, of course, but it is not the only one to explain this defeat of Racing against River. From the outset, just, Copetti lost a very clear head-to-head with Armani. During the week, his representative had said that he is a River fan and that he dreams of playing there. From bad to worse.

Gago made a very bad approach at the start of the game.

Later, Pillud went to the floor totally out of time, Enzo Fernández passed him as a post and River’s first goal arrived. That first half could have finished three or four to zero in favor of the local if it were not for Arias and some imperfections in the definition. Already in the second half, late, Gago made a triple inning change, getting Lisandro, Orban and Miranda. Lolo fumbled a ball inside the area and ended up being Julián Álvarez’s second. From there on, the role that we all saw and the usual: a squad that does not live up to what the history of Racing demands.

Racing, light years away from River

Some time we were told that Racing is affirmed as the third big one. And until he had one of the best teams in Argentine football. Today the reality indicates the opposite. A badly armed team, with inexplicable decisions, a sports advisor who screwed up in all the reinforcements and could continue for another year as a reward. A leadership that was allowed to be and today is paying dearly. At the risk of not even playing the South American, 2022 must be a year of re-founding. Because he has already hit rock bottom and it became clear that with this team he is not able to stand up even with Guardiola on the bench.

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