Anthony Mackie wants to be Pantro in the live-action of the ThunderCats

After many years since the iconic animated series of the thundercats came to an end, for better or worse the cosmic felines will finally have their own movie live-action. The details of the plot and the actors who will give life to the Cheetara, Lion-O, Tigro, Pumara or Pantro have not been revealed, but it seems that the new Captain America of the MCU also wants to be part of the project.

In a recent appearance by Anthony Mackie at a comic book convention in New Orleans, the actor revealed that he has always dreamed of being Pantro in a movie live action of the thundercats.

“I pre-existed everything Pokemon”, Mackie told an audience during his panel, according to comic book. “I didn’t like comics or anything like that. So I was a huge ThunderCats fan. My goal, when they do the ThunderCats movie, is that I want to be the blue guy. What’s it called? Panthro! That’s what I want to be when I grow up. If Kelsey Grammer can be Beast (in the X-Men), I want to be Panthro. We can both be blue, he expressed.

We don’t know if Mackie is aware that a live action of the thundercats is already in development, but perhaps the protagonist of Falcon and the Winter Soldier could be a good choice for him cast of the movie. For some reason, the character of Pantro has always been played by Afro-descendant actors, like voice actors Earle Hyman and Kevin Michael Richardson, who played Pantro in the 2011 animated version.

The live action of the thundercats was announced last year under the direction of Adam Wingard, the person in charge of the live action from death note Y Godzilla vs. kong, and according to the director, characters will retain their original 80s aesthetic.

“I don’t want to reinvent her look. I want them to look like the ThunderCats. I also don’t want to do it in live-action. I don’t want it to look like Cats, I don’t want that kind of trouble, no disrespect to that director. I want to make a movie that you’ve never seen before.” assured.

The film does not yet have a release date.


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