(Anti)stereotype of Barbie: the Greta Gerwig phenomenon

From auteur cinema to giant Barbie: Greta Gerwig gives voice to millennials and breaks through the (real) glass ceiling

She could be the new face of Hollywood, and the responsibility of being the quintessential “woman of the new millennium” rests on her shoulders: let’s talk about the American director Greta Gerwigwhose star has been shining on the Hollywood firmament since his Barbie hit theaters last July, becoming the first female director to gross $1 billion at the box office.

Although in recent years his name has been running from cover to cover, since he signed a contract with the director Lady BirdHis career began much earlier, away from the attention of the “mainstream”, which now made his wide and infectious smile, as well as his ironic and bold works known to the general public. Born on August 4, 1983 in the family of a nurse and financial consultant. Gerwig she grew up in Sacramento, California and attended Catholic school. His studies focused on English literature and philosophy, and in his youth he founded the improvisational theater group The Ensemble “Tea Party”with whom he began writing comedies.

Language Greta Gerwig it is multifaceted and multifaceted, just like his works. The company’s early focus was on the genre, which foreshadowed a series of products that were certainly excellent, but aimed more at a niche fan base than the general public. His very first films were LAUGHING OUT LOUD in 2006 and Hannah goes up the stairs in 2007: both were produced on a small budget and belong to the newly emerging movement of American independent cinema,mumblecore” These are works of a naturalistic bent, which predominantly move in a dialogical dimension: Gerwig pushes characters onto the screen, busy talking about their feelings, in a frame that often resemblesmovie truth“. The heart of mumblecore, rooted in the tradition of filmmakers like Eric Romer, this is an analysis of characters and their relationships, mostly love ones, but not only. And it is this attention to the “I” of her characters that most fascinates the director, who explains in an interview: “I am writing to understand what the story is about. And I think the characters end up talking to you and telling you what they want to do and what’s important to them. So in a sense, your job is to listen to them as much as to write.”. Greater success came in 2009 with Greenberg’s Strange Worldwhat led her to collaborate with the director Noah Baumbach with whom he has established not only creative, but also emotional partnerships since 2011. The film was presented at the competition Berlin Film Festival in 2010 and worth Gerwig Nominated for Best Actress Independent Spirit Award. This is his springboard to fame and the lights of Hollywood. Although she has been attracted to directors with a strong auteur imprint (she worked with Whit Stillman, Woody Allen, Mia Hansen-Løve, Rebecca Miller AND Barry Levinson) between 2012 and 2015 Gerwig focuses on a new language, which begins to be called “its own”: with Francis Ha to and from Mistress America then the author and actress opens a groundbreaking door into the world of millennials on the cusp of their thirties, struggling with the disasters and emotions of the real transition to “adulthood”, in a world that seems to have little incomprehensible and unattainable, where there are few places worth reaching , and many difficulties to overcome; Gerwig delicately and ironically tells the story of the turmoil of a generation and captivates the audience with its ability to combine melancholy, comedy, rhythm and irony. Her latest role as an actress is Abby Porter. Women in my life From Mike Millisin which Gerwig is a portrait of a stubborn but fragile, free and independent young woman, a moral construct so strong that it becomes a real philosophy of life, so much so that it suggests the actress’s identification with a character of this type.

The turning point in the director’s career came in 2017, when he directed his first film: the aforementioned one. Lady BirdWith Saoirse Ronan. This is a story with autobiographical features: the action takes place in Sacramento, the place of origin Gerwigfollows the vicissitudes of the main character Christina, who calls herself Lady Bird and who wants to run away to New York to become an artist and also escape her Oscar-nominated mother. Laurie Metcalf. The atmosphere is like a Bildungsroman: we follow Christina’s friendship and love, her relationship with Kyle (a very good film). Timothee Chalamet), his disappointments and his dreams. The film is a success with audiences and critics: it receives numerous Oscar nominations, including for best screenplay and best director. Greta Gerwigand opens the way to the second “cult” film of the young director. In fact in 2019 Gerwig we are talking about a new adaptation Small womanbringing the couple back to the set Saoirse Ronan AND Timothee Chalametlike Jo March and Laurie respectively, as well as other young stars such as Florence Pugh And Emma Watsonand such a sacred monster of cinema as Meryl Streep.

However, the recognition of the general public comes with a film in which Gerwig seems destined to go down in history: Barbie. A film written, directed and produced by women and Gerwig Also Margot Robbiewho not only plays the main character, but also takes care of the production through her LuckChap Entertainment – but which primarily addresses women and forces society, even in its most difficult part, to open its eyes and look. Barbie challenges the viewer to reconsider the norms and expectations of the world in which they find their way, and encourages women to reflect on their situations in the most effective way ever: by turning reality on its head. The creation of two parallel worlds, Barbieland and the Real World, one of which is dominated by a matriarchal society that relegates Ken (an interpretation of the always unusual Ryan Gosling) to Barbie’s “accessories”; the other, ours, is dominated by patriarchy, which pushes women into the most remote corners of society. Gerwig manages to confront divisive debates about the human condition with irony and intelligence, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and does what few others have managed to do: it forces the viewer to put themselves in the shoes of the “other,” while certainly taking Barbie apart. , but above all by eliminating Ken and his patriarchal bullshit and thus giving new vitality – and new dignity – to both. Naturally, a film of such broad depth cannot but cause criticism, but in general, even negative reactions in this case are constructive: they say almost as much about the offended viewer as about the film itself. There Barbie From Gerwig was undoubtedly the film of the past summer, and perhaps of the entire year: it rivals Oppenheimer From Christopher Nolanbut it’s not absurd to think that this war will come to its final showdown on the 2024 Oscars stage. Gerwig she has been inducted into the Olympus of Hollywood’s true talent, and has a bright future ahead of her (just to stay on topic). The director’s name is associated with two films The Chronicles of Narnia and it seems that his possible return in the sequel cannot be ruled out Barbie. It actually seems that Warner Bros. offered her to sign an option contract, but the agency Gerwig chose to postpone the discussion until after the film’s release: a wise choice considering that the salary would likely be higher given the box office success it brought. Greta Gerwig the first female director to achieve a billion dollar box office gross for one of her films.

Barbie this is already a mass phenomenon, regardless of whether the message has reached or not. As the version interpreted shows Will Ferrell general director Mattel, there are die-hards who will never accept the changes proposed by the film. These are the men who claim that the company is “made up of women,” but there are no women in the top management. Men who, in order to say that they are on the right side of history, define themselves as “sons of a mother”, “grandsons of an aunt”, quotes that will be clear to those who have already seen the film, but not so mysterious that they also cannot be understood by others. Men who revel in elaborate compliments and expensive promises while trying to lock themselves away Margot Robbie in the box. Only Barbie, never Ken. Why Ken”It was never a problem, ever.”emphasizes the same thing Ferrell. Men love it, it’s as true to history as a gentleman in a suit and tie who Ryan Gosling he mutters with a languid smile:We’re still good at using patriarchy, we’re just better at hiding it.” Such people are irreducible to our time. So much so that even “mother” Hollywood, it seems, did not fully understand the essence of the film. Gerwig. Actor Randall Park (became famous thanks to WandaVision) said in an interview that Hollywood learned the “wrong lesson” from Barbie: “I think the industry as a whole is learning the wrong lessons. For example, Barbie it’s a big success, and the idea is: “Make more movies about toys! Make more movies about toys!” (there was actually talk about bringing other products to the big screen Mattel how are they Polly Pocketed.). Hand. Make more films about women and about women! The lesson should be what you gave to such a brilliant independent director as Greta Gerwig taking the reins of a major blockbuster and you starred and produced Margot Robbie. Think about it. AND Greta Gerwig!” Same Greta Gerwig which was inserted in 2018 Time is one of the 100 most influential people in the world and is able to describe the modern world with delicate precision, while remaining a silent spectator: her official profile cannot be found on the website Instagram, for example, despite being the ideal social network for millennials. Next year we will be called upon to trust her again, because she has been entrusted primarily with a remake, perhaps a classic Disney the most famous and beloved of all time: Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. A live action that promises to be innovative, feminist, ready to break all chains with the traditions of the past and which has already caused some controversy due to the apparently “excessive” political correctness that some expert film critics have already made from the photographs. Filmed secretly on set. But courage Gerwig has shown that he has it in spades: and we’ll just have to wait to see what more magic he can create to fill the room and shatter the preconceptions of history already written.

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