Antonela Roccuzzo shared the video of how she prepared at the Dior House for the delivery of the Ballon d’Or

The 65th ceremony of delivery of the Golden Ball was, in addition to Leo Messi’s seventh triumph, a very special night for Antonela roccuzzo. The woman of 10 arrived with a spectacular golden dress of Dior, and they photographed her tirelessly: she was the queen of the night. Now, he shared with his almost 18 million followers on Instagram a video of how he prepared in the luxury home for the ceremony at the Châtelet Theater in Paris.

Antonela Roccuzzo shared with her followers a video of how she prepared for the Ballon d’Or at the House of Dior. (Video: Instagram / @ antonelaroccuzzo)

More and more involved in her facet as a fashionista on the networks, the video interspersed spectacular images of the French capital with clips of the moment when Antonela was traveling by car to meet her stylists, with a comfortable look of jacket of jogging and jean pants. Once in the house of Dior, a production team was in charge, in private, to dress her up with the dress, which once put it turned in circles between the racks of the place.

Antonela Roccuzzo's look for the Ballon d'Or award (Photo: AFP)
Antonela Roccuzzo’s look for the Ballon d’Or award (Photo: AFP)

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“We keep dreaming. Thanks again Dior and all the team “Roccuzzo wrote at the bottom of the video, that In less than an hour it added almost a million reproductions. Plus, she was immediately filled with compliments in the comment section. Famous like Gisela Dulko and Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez wrote “Very goddess” and “How beautiful”, while her fans filled her with emojis of hearts and faces in love.

All the details of the Dior look on the night of the Ballon d’Or

The famous dress, which earned her so many compliments, is a design lamé gold, elegant and sensual in equal parts. First of all, the plunging neckline and with thin straps, her figure stood out. Meanwhile, the long, fully pleated skirt brought movement, freshness and elegance.

Antonela Roccuzzo's spectacular look.  (Photo: FRANCK FIFE / AFP)
Antonela Roccuzzo’s spectacular look. (Photo: FRANCK FIFE / AFP)By: FRANCK FIFE | AFP

As for jewelry, this time she chose pieces of Chopard, the prestigious Swiss brand that celebrities wear to the biggest fashion events: a couple of important silver dangle earrings and some rings. As a final complement he used a clutch black, sober and delicate.

Antonela Roccuzzo shone with Leo Messi.  (Photo: Instagram / @ antonelaroccuzzo)
Antonela Roccuzzo shone with Leo Messi. (Photo: Instagram / @ antonelaroccuzzo)By: PHOTO: Antonela Roccuzzo on Instagram.

Finally, the beauty look was simple, true to style. As usual it wore the long chestnut hair in the wind and combed with waves, while the makeup was kept in neutral tones: it carried black outline on the eyelids, well loaded lashes that highlighted his look and lips nude.

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