Antonela Roccuzzo showed the first book of the year that she chose to read

Antonella Roccuzzo showed this Friday one of its most exercised facets, that of reading, with a picture of the first book of the year you chose to read, corresponding to the best-selling author of the United States, Danielle Steel. He also urged his followers to incorporate the habit with an emoji that says “read more books”.

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Rosario published a photo of the first page of the novel lessons of youth, the one that takes place in Saint Ambrose, an exclusive school for wealthy men of the place for more than a century. Of course, the break occurs when for the first time the place admits a female student body from which family conflicts, insecurities and loneliness are awakened.

Antonela Roccuzzo, lover of reading

The darkest facet of the boarding school is revealed after a party in which a student ends up in the hospital, unconscious. Those who know what happened decided to keep quiet, but as the investigation progresses and the police try to unmask the culprit, those involved face a crossroads and must choose between the easiest way out and doing the right thing, between telling the truth or lying. Anticipate the synopsis of the book, then, that “No one in Saint Ambrose will escape the consequences.”

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Antonela Roccuzzo, lover of reading (@antonelaroccuzzo).
Antonela Roccuzzo, lover of reading (@antonelaroccuzzo).

The fragment of the book that Antonela Roccuzzo showed

Book: lessons of youth

Author: Danielle Steel

On the Tuesday after Labor Day, one of those perfect golden September mornings in Massachusetts, students began to arrive at Saint Ambrose College. The school was over a hundred and twenty years old, its impressive stone buildings looking as distinguished as the universities most students would be accepted to when they graduated. Many illustrious men had left that private center to leave their mark on the world.

It was a historic day for Saint Ambrose. After ten years of heated debate, and two years of preparation, one hundred and forty female students were to enter the center to join the eight hundred male students. It was part of a progressive three-year program, at the end of which four hundred young women would form part of the student body, which would then number a total enrollment of twelve hundred.

Sixty first-year students, forty second-year students, thirty-two third-year students, and eight final-year students had been accepted in that first course. These eight were young women who had either recently moved to the East Coast or had compelling reasons to switch schools their senior year and therefore would not be graduating with the classmates they had attended high school with. All applicants to the college had undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure that they lived up to Saint Ambrose’s standards, both moral and academic.

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