AnTuTu Benchmark, there is not in the Play Store, What is it?


Figure AnTuTu Banchmark. Photo: Net/Foot

AnTuTu Benchmark along with 2 other apps, AnTutu 3D Bench and AlTuTu Benchmarks could not be found in the Google Play Store.

Benchmark app for smartphones, which are very popular to delete such allegedly lost because of by the Google.

These allegations appear because the third party application is suspected of a relationship with the company, the app developers from China, namely, Cheetah Mobile.

The relationship between the two-the developer of the application seen by the connection with the Website of the company Cheetah Mobile, on the part of the policy and the data protection in the third application AnTuTu.

Meanwhile, Cheetah mobile, has been a violation of the policy-a policy which is owned by google.

So app published, which was.of Cheetah Mobile also removed in the Google Play Store since last February

Although yet to be determined, while the alleged abolition of the 3 apps AnTuTu from the Google Play Store, the crucial action of google against the business in violation of its policy.

In addition, there are other allegations where a third missing apps in the google play store is currently in a period of development.

But his official page is not listed, or reports that the application is belonging to his company in the development.

AnTuTu Benchmark Can Still Be Downloaded

Although it could not be obtained through the Google Play Store, users of this application mendownlodnya through the official website of the company can still.

Where there is a special page for the download of the app on this page is still in the list, the download button for android and iPhone.

Oddly enough, the download button on the for android is still Google Play Store is written, but if you click on, will not go to the page, but instead, directly download the application.

In addition, on the news page of the benchmark, there are still news items, Benchmarki, the discussion about the performance of Ios in the Global Top.

The news was uploaded on Saturday, 7. March, 2020, and to prove that the Benchmark app to use still active, and not in the development.

AnTutu Benchmark reportedly missing from the Google Play Store after updated on 13. February and until now, there was an official response from the company. (Muhafid/R6/HR-Online)