Anuar Beno shares his diagnosis after going to ER

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  • Former ‘Survivor’ contestant reveals what health issues kept him from breathing properly

  • Distraught Anuar Beno goes to ER after recommendation from Instagram followers

  • Asraf Benoy’s brother and Issa Pantoha’s brother-in-law thank fans for advice as he’s sicker than he thought

Anuar Beno He thoroughly enjoys the summer and takes the opportunity to go to destinations close to the sea to relax on the beach, as he has done in Ibiza and Alicante.But after returning from the Balearic Islands, the former player “survivor” Started feeling bad, couldn’t even sleep because he felt he was “out of air” and forced to sleep go to the emergency roomthey gave him a medical diagnosis After researching his symptoms and doing several tests.

It all started last night when Asraf Beno’s brother commented to his Instagram followers via the following story: can not sleep He is having “one of the worst nights of the year” due to what he believes is a “bad cold”. An hour later, already more concerned, he shared an audio in which a loud, sustained voice could be heard emanating from his chest asking his “followers” for their opinion.

“It sounds like it’s my lungs, I’m overwhelmed because I don’t know if I should go to the hospital, it’s not a big deal, should I go?” asked Issa Pantoja’s brother-in-law, in a fan post On a recommendation, he went to the emergency room of a medical center in Madrid, where he lived for a long time. “Things got worse and I went to the emergency room. I could hardly breathe and I started throwing up”With an update, Anur later shared a photo of a thread on his arm and an oxygen mask.

Anuar Beno, forced to go to emergency room due to health problemsInstagram

“Well thank goodness here I am, that’s what the doctor told me,” he commented alongside the snap, suggesting to his followers that he didn’t have a cold and that he had something more serious. After doing multiple tests and reducing his stress with an oxygen mask to help him breathe better, the doctor explained to Julen Pereira’s friend: He has neither COVID-19 nor asthma or pneumonia but has acute bronchitis.

Anuar Beno shares his medical diagnosisInstagram

The disease occurs when the airways in the lungs become inflamed and produce mucus in the lungs, causing severe coughing and difficulty breathing normally. “With treatment, it’s a very simple thing and the recovery is quick, but The doctor told me that if I didn’t come, I would definitely suffocate to death. Who knows if I will be able to go to the hospital”, revealed Anu Albeno at home after being released from hospital, thanking his followers for their advice to go to the hospital and his messages of encouragement throughout the night.

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