Anuar Beno updates on his health after sharing diagnosis

Anuar BenoInstagram

  • The former contestant of “Survivor” explained his current situation on his social networks

  • Anual Beno shocked his followers by announcing he was forced to go to the emergency room of a Madrid hospital

  • Asraf Beno’s brother was aware of his medical diagnosis and followed prescribed treatment

Anuar Benobecause he passed “survivor” As one of Asraf Beno’s younger brothers, Have you updated your health status? They were devastated when they learned he had been forced to go to the emergency room of a Madrid hospital in the middle of the night because he could not breathe normally.

After that emergency room visit last Monday, Isa Pantoja’s brother-in-law shared his medical diagnosis with his followers: acute bronchitis Not because of severe constipation, as he thought before going to the hospital.In fact, his self-diagnosis was dead wrong If he hadn’t made it to the emergency room, he could have suffocated.According to the warning given to him by the doctor who treated him that night, and the treatment plan he has been strictly following.

After disappearing from his network for four days, the content creator reappeared on his Stories to reassure his followers, telling them that he was resting and that the oxygen inhaler had become his “best thing” in recent days. good friend”, wherein, following the treatment of the doctor who treated him He has recovered and today he can go to the gym to train.

Anuar Beno updates on his healthInstagram

“I’ll try to do some exercise because today I woke up really, really well and full of energy,” commented Anual Beno, who didn’t hide that from his followers His wish is not to stay at home or the gym but to be with his good friend Yulen PereiraDuring “Survivientes 2022”, he was on board singing his latest song, and he was inseparable.

Back on social networks, Asraf’s brother wanted to post some videos on TikTok in which he wears an inhaler, but dances and has a great attitude, to show his followers that despite how badly he behaved at first, he recovered quickly.

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