Anya Taylor-Joy’s 5 Must-See Movies (Not The Queen’s Gambit!)

Anya Taylor-Joy has been an outstanding young actress over the years and the hit series Queen’s Gambit cemented her position in the industry, but she has so much more to show!

Here are five great movies starring Taylor-Joy that are well worth your time alone and that’s even more worth it if you want to see more performances from this talented actress.

5. Split

In this sequel to Unbreakable, Taylor-Joy plays Casey, one of three teenage friends who are kidnapped together. Anya portrays the shock and fear of a teenager trapped in such a dangerous situation…

And since her character was the only one to survive, she also reprized the role of Casey in the sequel, Glass.

4. Norman

The Northman is an epic tale of power and vengeance about Amleth, who seeks vengeance against his treacherous father.

During his quest, Amleth meets the Slavic witch Olga, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, and it is understood that he falls in love. Olga joins Amleth in his search and later becomes pregnant with his twins when the two become lovers.

3. Emma

In this comedy set in Regency England, Anya plays the lead character, a rich and beautiful young girl who has recently married a landowner.

Due to the comedic nature of the film, the actress was able to enhance her acting prowess by quickly and believably switching between different emotions and situations that enthralled the audience.

2. Witch

In The Witch, Taylor-Joy played a hardworking teenager trying to defend herself as her family accused her of being a witch and tried to throw her under the bus… which led to She turns out to be a witch in the epilogue.

Anya’s brilliant and comprehensive portrayal of the original character and her development throughout the film brought the young actress her first real breakthrough in the industry and critical acclaim.

1. List

In Menu, Anya played an intelligent and clever young woman who gets trapped on an island with a cunning chef.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, he manages to make his way into the chef’s heart and win his trust, which ensures his survival at the end of the film.

One of Taylor Joy’s latest projects, The Menu, allowed the actress to showcase her acting talents and receive a Golden Globe nomination for her performance.

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