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Anyone, the music video of Justin Bieber starring his wife, Hailey Baldwin

Be one of fashion couples more followed in the whole world is what it has. Hailey and Justin Bieber form one of the most influential marriages, among other things, due to their constant gestures of love towards each other. Especially from the singer who takes advantage of his songs to send the most beautiful messages to his wife. His fans vibrated listening to the lyrics of Holy, in which he confessed how the model had been a blessing in his life, and later, also with that of Anyone, the most recent but just as romantic. Nevertheless, the music video released initially did not like the proclaimed too much #TeamHailey but yes to #TeamSelena.


– You are going to hallucinate with the gift of 10,000 dollars that Hailey has given to Justin Bieber for Valentine’s Day

Why is there a second version of Justin Bieber’s ‘Anybody’ music video?

If you are a follower of the couple and you are up to date with everything that happens in their lives, you will know that there are many external people who strive to maintain the love triangle between them and Selena Gomez. Although the artist has already confessed on several occasions having surpassed Justin Bieber and the marriage prefers to leave aside any hint of rumors, these cease us. If it’s not a tattoo Hailey got, it’s Selena’s new song and now too the first music video of Anyone. In it, Justin appears with a brunette girl with short curly hair (the actress Zoey deutch) who have not been slow to relate to their ex-girlfriend. Is this the reason why the Canadian singer has decided to launch a second version of it? Social networks think so.


– Hailey Bieber’s funny response to pregnancy rumors

In the new version, Hailey is the undisputed protagonist

A few hours ago that own Justin Bieber uploaded a new music video to his official YouTube account to Anyone. As an alternative, the artist included the phrase On the road (on the road), alluding to a trip they both made this summer and in which Hailey bieber is the undisputed protagonist. This video clip simulates the production of a black and white film and, in it, the Biebers enjoy a trip through the canyons of Colorado, rural hotels, road trips … And, all this, captured by the director Joe Termini.


– Melt with the beautiful love messages that Hailey and Justin Bieber send each other

However, despite rumors about the initial video clip (in which Hailey Bieber showed no public interest), the lyrics It is clearly addressed to his wife: “If you ever go on with your life without me, I have to make sure you know that you are the only one I am going to love. If it’s not you, it’s nobody. Looking back on my life, you are the best thing I have ever done, “sings Justin Bieber. ranked number 6 of the Billboard Hot 100 in a week and for a reason Justin and Hailey are still the favorite fashion couple.

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