Anzio. A petition began: “Don’t take the Villa Adele kiosk from the family of Giuliana Arseni.”

“Sign for Juliana petitioner and let go” is an appeal by Claudio Petriconi with a letter addressed to the prefectural commission that governs the municipality of Anzio. The kiosk was closed due to administrative violations.

To the “Commission of the Prefecture of the Municipality of Anzio”

In connection with the closure of the kiosk at Villa Adele, which is managed by the Arseniy family:

“No Man Is an Island”, a poem by John Donne on the importance of staying united in adversity, that as a group of citizens, driven by our own sense of community, we should advocate for the rediscovery and rediscovery of the aforementioned family. about the business they have always carried out with passion and correctness towards all users of the villa itself and which represents the only form of livelihood for this family.

Today, your difficult task of restoring civil and democratic coexistence, even in the face of a cold legality often unable to grasp differences, cannot be ignored by families like that of Juliana Arsenyi, who are loved and respected for their hard work and ability to sympathize with everyone and especially for people in a predicament.

That is why, seeing that they are in difficulty today, we defend their case before the NE.

In the kiosk of Villa Adele, they did not sell alcohol to children, capitalizing on their difficulties, as it happens uncontrollably in many other places, but they met children and the elderly in search of refreshment, and it would be difficult to find others. as capable as our dear Juliana of doing the same in an unfortunately increasingly individualistic city where, as you well know, malfeasance and profit are often mixed together.

We understand that it will not be easy for you to find ways and means to meet our request, but important reasons, such as the livelihood of a family that has always lived by hard work and sacrifice, and the guarantee of their presence, which have made Villa Adele one of the safest places in city, convinces us of your maximum efforts for a positive solution to this problem.


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