Apamex ultimatum over new European taxi delays

Apamex ultimatum over new European taxi delaysSantiago Garcia Villegas

The Association for the Integration of Physically Disabled People (Apamex) regrets delays in procedures encouraging the arrival of three new European taxis Cities are required to have these, as the statute dictates.

The president of the association, Jesús Gumiel, hoped that the situation would be resolved “urgently” because at the municipal plenary meeting held On May 13, the budget line was approved and it was confirmed that the bases would be published in the province’s Official Gazette (BOP) the next day. This way, willing taxi drivers can choose to be beneficiaries of subsidies to retrofit and make their vehicles accessible.

As of now, the sites, while ready, have not been announced, with Apamex setting an August deadline. Otherwise, you will go to court. File a complaint with the Administrative Court of Appeal. Gumier said taking this extreme approach would be “very bad for the project because the council would have to issue three new licenses instead of subsidizing three local taxi drivers.”

pending meeting

despite this, The group is awaiting a meeting with city officials “in the coming weeks” to resolve the issue and demand compliance with the law before taking that step. In addition, they will also await a meeting with the head of the transport department with the aim of “clarifying the situation and showing interest in a solution”.

Jesús Gumiel considers the delay “very serious” because it means the city still doesn’t have a sufficient number of accessible taxis Under the legislation, European taxis must increase from the current five to at least eight.

Apamex President Guarantee Several taxi drivers in the city have contacted the association to express interest in equipping their vehicles with these aids and to see if the call for subsidies has progressed.

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