Apartment arrests and financial pressure. Ksenia Mishina told how she became a victim of domestic violence

Ksenia Mishina (Photo: instagram.com/misha.k.ua)

The celebrity made a frank confession. Mishina suffered at the hands of an ex-lover.

The star of the series Serf on the Instagram page shared painful memories. The artist admitted that she was a victim of domestic violence by her boyfriend.

The man did not allow Mishina to act in films and made scandals. The actress even had to contact the police.

“I remember well the time when I rented a room in a three-ruble note with mold-black ceilings. Rare part-time jobs as an animator, endless auditions, and the words of one director: “You will never become an actress. You are beautiful, yes, but you are not an actress, you are a model. ” I can hardly describe in words that sticky feeling of rejection and pain from the realization of hopelessness. I had no choice. Endless parting with little Plato, a huge sense of guilt, and a wild fear that I will not be able to cover the child’s most basic needs. And then she appears. It transports me to a beautiful apartment, a happy couple of months begin, in which, breathing in a sense of security and care, I simply do not notice the bells. Gradually, I begin to feel that something is going wrong. Humiliation, insults during quarrels, and arguments that I myself brought him out with my behavior. Hello abuse, haven’t seen each other for a long time. From the moment when I was pregnant, I ran away from such a relationship. Everything got worse, I regularly heard that all actresses are whores, and I have to make a choice: a profession or a family. Breakdowns of shifts, scandals, aggressive jealousy, in fact, arrests in the apartment when I have to go to work. Greed, financial pressure, and humiliation to the point of taking away all the gifts. Then hands were used. And no one in the world who can protect. The police heard ” Family showdown” simply ignored such challenges, and this further reinforced the nasty feeling that you deserve all this and must endure. As a result, more and more viscous and destructive feelings of guilt, addiction and fear of loneliness. Dead end. Cell. Phrases ringing in my head “ you are not an actress, you are not even a woman. A worthless mother, not worthy of love, relationships, or success in the profession, ”said Mishina.

 According to Xenia, she learned to be strong and cope with all difficulties on her own. “Now I say thank you for this path, for the fact that I was able to take responsibility for my life, began to work on myself, study a lot and gradually get out. For the strength of your soul and endless faith. Every day I learned to feel gratitude for everything, because if not for those tests, who knows, would you see such Ksenia Mishina on the screens now? “, – summed up the star.

Now the actress is in a relationship with the winner of the Bachelor project Alexander Ellert.

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