Aperitif-inspired spritz nails orange nail polish to welcome summer in the best possible way.

Orange nail polish, Spritz Nails are aperitif-inspired nails, ideal for welcoming summer in the best possible way

Over the years, nail art has gone from being an accessory for well-groomed and “neat” hands to an aesthetic manifesto with which to represent one’s enthusiasm for the last period one can have. Can be changed according to mood. Now that July is officially about to begin, and so are the holidays and summer term, it’s time to try nail-art reminiscent of summer fizz and quintessential Italian cocktails, spritzer, made from one part Aperol, one Prosecco and one part Seltzer. Having become an international phenomenon, the classic Italian aperitif has come to symbolize the holiday mood, the “delicious life”, as a 2010 Aperol commercial sings with a cover of Randy Crawford’s “Street Life, Where There Are No Limits”. And dance is done in it. Late night on the street even if this delightful image is far from current, among the 2023 nail polish colors of summer, it is enough to put a touch of orange in the manicure to live and transmit the desire of summer energy and lightness . Here’s inspiration to take to your nail technician or copy at home with nail polish to create nail looks worth getting on the spritz nails wagon.

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Orange nail polish: all the shades to be inspired by for summer

To fully enjoy the summer spritz, orange nail polish should be part of the manicure, even if only in a small part, like a slice of orange in a drink with yellow nail polish, but it is also the undisputed star of the manicure. Maybe the look of the perfect orange nail polish is that it spreads neutrally over all the nails as is the case with nails done by celebrity nail artists tom bachik, Selena Gomez and Margot Robbie’s very loyal aide for the promo tour for Greta Gerwig’s movie Barbie. There are many shades of orange nail polish to choose from: from neon orange nail polish to orange nail polish, tangerine orange or apricot orange, to more pastel and powdery. An interesting idea can also be to apply a different shade of orange nail polish on each nail and create an all-round color spectrum.

Orange jelly or icing effect nail polish: Best nail polish to quench the thirst of nails

Since thenedible beautyThe trend of titillating the taste buds by adding fragrances and flavors of food and drink to beauty products has become dominant after the pandemic, we have started to see more and more details like “Glazed Donut Nails”, “Milky Nails”. , and so “prune the nails”. To best recreate the effect of seltzer and Aperol co-existing in an aperitif glass, in fact, you need transparent enamels or one with gelatinous finish, in which the color is not full and shaded. A perfect example of this are the nails created by nail artist @hegretnails, who on TikTok recreated a gelatinous nail look inspired by the colors of the sunset, which is fun and ideal for showing off energetic nails for an all day look.

Orange Golden Hour Nail Polish: Shine power and metallic finish

There is nothing more relaxing than spending the day exploring new places experiencing the feeling of sitting down at sunset and ordering a spirit. This mood that glorifies the golden hour and its maddened light can be recreated using orange glaze as a base, and then applying a glossy top coat, or with a metallic finish like nail polish Gitti Better Me Bronze in bronze or pearl version Tiny Dancer Cream, The same effect is given by the metallic bronze color on the nails, as long as the nails are exposed to light the orange reflections present in the build up of the enamel will come out in all their glory.

Here’s a selection of orange nail polish types, from lightest to darkest orange, vegan and non-vegan, gelling and metallic top coats, to recreate the trend Sprinkle nails.

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