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Concept art of Iron Man: particle accelerator

It was David Yesterday offered the opportunity to lead a Suicide Squad sequel? Do you want to see a new clip Justice League Dark: War of Apokolips? As Jason Mewes end up in a Superchica the episode was not directed by Kevin Smith? Do you want to see a documentary about the history of Superman? What is the true meaning behind Joker‘S tattoo is” broken “in Suicide Squad? All that and more in this edition of Bit superhero.

Go behind the scenes of the new Batwoman episode “If you believe in me, iíll believe in you” in this article.

In case Secret wars ends up being part of the Marvel Universe Cinematic, here is a summary of the event comic.

Conceptual artist Andy Park desired Pom Klementieff a happy birthday by posting this concept art Mantis.

Sebastian Stan compared recently The falcon and the soldier of winter series Lethal weapon peliculas

Here is another clip of the upcoming animated movie of DC Comics Justice League Dark: War of Apokolips.

Melissa Benoist he explained how Jason Mewes landed a cameo surprise in the Superchica episode that he directed.

Ryan Meinerding published a design not used for the particle accelerator Tony Stark I used to make a new item.

David Ayer had the opportunity to direct the sequel Suicide Squad but I wanted to produce Birds of prey.

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