App Banned This Can Huawei the Play Store di HP


App Banned This Can Huawei the Play Store di HP
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HP Huawei Run, you Can use the Play Store with This App

OKETEKNO – Although the U.S. government has been block HP Huaweibut actually, Google or Huawei has been trying hard for each other re-establish such cooperation, so that apps and services like Play Store, YouTube, and others run smoothly again.

In fact, Google has already submitted a letter requesting the cooperation of the government, but there is still no bright spots from the regulatory authority in relation to the problem. But surprisingly there are already apps where you have to and run Google apps can install smoothly.

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Actually, if you only have him, he can, of course, but when you open on the phone it is not able to function as it should. But the result is different if the user of the device, install the app here.

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Reports from Forbes, the user only has to install a Chat app Partner, a blog, Germany has said that the app can offer “One-Click-Solution”. So, the Play Store app on your and also works in HP Huawei.

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But actually for the application it is not yet clear, because the security is much more vulnerable than the excursions, which are already in HP pure Android. And it could be that Google off also, as has already been applied to the LZPlay buddy 30 years ago.

In terms of security issues, said of this app is a problem, though, there is certainly no guarantee for you. “This app is basically a application, script, needed for GSM. I myself have tried this new option, many times on a few days ago. I don’t see a ban. I didn’t even recognize the traffic, the ‘suspects’,” he explained.

And after consultation with several experts, no problems found on the application, but obviously Google have banned them. User HP Huawei without the permission of the internet giant, its origin, HOW it is to run the installation of the application that is suspected of a high risk and a threat to the safety of the users.

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