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Application of tele-conferencing Zoom Cloud Meetings (Zoom) on the app store, Google Play Store gets a rating of (with reviews) of low in the last week.

The value of reviews Zoom was high, i.e., with a score of 4.4 out of 5 November 2019, but the decline continued up to 2.0 on 17, March.

An investigation calibaration, it turns out, it is a group of people, who kicked, to continue to fill the column reviews the application with a value of or 1 star, so Zoom “” from the Play Store.

Android police, a group of persons, allegedly a collection of kids who write a review for Zoom with complaints are less pertinent to the services offered, the application reported. Some of which, for example, reads as follows.

“Do not want to learn, through this application, so that (I) give 1 star, I have not mentioned, you know,” said a user with the name Prashant Maurya.

“The application of garbage,” said another reviewer named Hup Senator.

In addition to the boys Android police also speculate that there is another group who deliberately bombard the column of the 1-star reviews, so that consumers prefer the application of the tele-conference other than a Zoom.

Be aware of the value of the reviews in the app store, Play store important for a product. Because the value of reviews, users who search for apps in the same category, in this case, a telephone conference, it could be, in contrast to other applications, such as Cisco Webex, (4,4), or Microsoft team (4,2).

But, still, the Zoom is an application, the phone conference is free, the most downloaded in the demand (50 million times), and to this day still expect, that the order of the first application of the category “Business”.

With the number of users Zoom, it is not possible, the value of the star 1, the a review of the original, since the consumers may not get what he expected in the application.

In spite of that, the value of the overall rating Zoom app in the Play Store, as the observation is now being gradually improved and enlarged to 4.0. Google seems to “know” and direct some of the 1 star remove reviews that is not relevant or wrong, as summarised by Android police.

However, Google has not confirmed.

What Zoom is?

For information, the Zoom-tele-conference application, to load the able, up to more than 100 people in a room (session) virtual. Zoom can be used freely, however in a session, the consumer can only do a conference call with a maximum duration of 40 minutes.

You can then upgrade your account, you zoom in with a money order for an extension of the duration of the session.

Zoom a solution for consumers who want, meetings in the virtual observation of the implementation of a policy, the work from home (work from home/WFH) by the government in anticipation of the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19).

For a similar application, the consumer can Meet texts such as Hangouts, the Teams at Microsoft, Cisco Webex Meetings, to Slack.

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