Apple All the Apple Store Outside of China

148 Corona Virus is increasingly spreading in many countries of the world. In fact, the World Health organization (WHO) declared the virus as a pandemic.

This makes Apple decided to temporarily close the entire store the Apple Store is located outside of China. The message was delivered, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, on his personal Twitter and the official blog of Apple.

This is the whole Apple Store in the world, except in China, is not permitted during the next two weeks. This occurs until at least 27 March.

On the other hand, some outlets of Apple in China have started to open up, because of the decline in the number of cases of corona in the bamboo curtain country.

“The infection rates are growing the latest in other countries, we take additional steps to protect the team and our customers,” said Cook.

You learn from the previous case in China, Cook said, to break the most effective prevention for the protection of the employees and customers of the Apple, the density and the broadening of the range.

That is, the buying and selling activity with physical contact, as usual, dispensed with for a while. But, Cook said, customers can still buy Apple products

Service online with a visit to the site Employees are also encouraged to work at home.

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If forced to based, chef of the applicable guidelines appealed in terms of compliance, to keep including, a distance between the individuals.

“In the whole office, we impose are screening Health, and examination of the body temperature,” explains cook.