Apple and Google Blocked All of the application, the Fight in connection with the Corona-Virus Hoaks


THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE – Together with the development of technology in this day and age, a lot of people, a variety of apps to support the ease of the public in obtaining information.

As we know, the outbreak of the corona virus is still a concern to the public. – The public interest increases, if the information hoaks widely used, especially in the online media.

See dissemination of information hoaks increasingly restricted, to follow the government until now has tried to the perpetrators, the spread of hoaks.

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Not only happens in online media, lately a lot of apps created to the dissemination of information hoaks-associated corona-virus.

For that Apple and Google have begun to crack down on all apps with the corona-virus to combat misinformation.

Quotes from The verge, the app developer, said that Apple refuse any and all mobile software, which is not associated with the corona virus, which is derived from healthcare organizations that have been recognized, or governmental organizations.


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Further, Google is also reportedly not bring any results for the to not have in connection with the search for corona virus in the Play Store, but currently it is unclear whether Google is also limiting the approval of new applications.

Apple seems to have found, said an associated corona-virus in the process of reviewing the manual, and the developer, you received a message from Apple that reads “the application needs to be completed with information on current medical a recognized institution.”

Apple has to assess whether the application that provide the information in connection with the corona-virus is a source of reliable information for the public or not.