Apple and Samsung dominate the list of the best-selling smartphone in 2019


KONTAN.CO.ID Market research company Omdia published a list of the 10 smartphone with the number of liner shipping companies worldwide through 2019. Apple and Samsung dominate the list.

It is only one that is not derived from two of the brand on the list, namely the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 sits in eighth place with shipments of 16.4 million units in the past year.

The top turned out to be that belonging to the iPhone-XR from Apple that the number of records Shipping reach of 46.3 jua units. Older models like the iPhone 8 output in 2017 is included in the list.

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iPhone 11 is one of the latest model of the Apple sitting in the second order with the delivery amounted to 37.3 million units.

“Apple mastered consistently the first sequence and the second for the delivery of smartphone based on the model. This position has lasted more than five years,” said Smartphone Research Director and Analyst Omdia Jusy Hong.

Samsung mobile phone in the list is a model-a model medium, such as, for example, Galaxy A10 (delivery of 30.3 million units), Galaxy A50 (24.2 million units), Galaxy A20 (19.2 million units), and Galaxy J2 core (15.2 million units).

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However, unlike in 2018, when Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus still enter the big 10, this time the model high-end Galaxy S10 is not listed in the list.

Now, here is a list of 10 is smartphone the best-selling along 2019 to Omdia that KompasTekno Start 9to5Mac: