Apple Began to Open up the Entire memory of your retail in China

167 – Massive spread of the Corona virus in China, the company is multi-national technology-Apple-shut-down the whole place its on retail in the country.

Apple has announced that the whole business of its trade-synchronous operate from today, Friday (13/3/2020).

The opening of the branch, the earlier step of the way at the beginning of this week. CNBC The report, a total of 38 of the 42 Apple retail store in China has opened up again.

The fourth branch was not opened before on Friday (13/3/2020) there are four, three shops in the region of Tianjin and Suzhou.

Previously, Apple shut down the whole store, its retail from 1. February. The company said it would open all its stores at 9. February, but the closure it turns out that they will be extended.

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Mass closure of retail stores of Apple in China, because it occurs, supply shortages and restrictions on public gatherings. This means that iPhone sales fell in the country.

According to data released earlier this week, Apple sold less than 500,000 phones iPhone the entire month of February. The fell in front of the sales by 60 percent compared to February 2019.

In the United States alone, the Apple store was also affected, because the virus Covid-19 of the agenda.

While in Italy, Apple is still all of the stores closed their retail until further notice.