Apple damages of Rp 359 Thousand per consumer, because the iPhone is too Slow


Companies from the United States agreed to of America (USA) Apple, a compensation of U.S.$ 25 or about Usd 359 thousand on each consumer with the performance of his iPhone slowly. Therefore, the consumers have to buy, a rechargeable battery or a new phone.

The tech giant was fined a minimum of US$ 310 million and a maximum of US $ 500 million (Rp 4.4 trillion to Rp 7.08 trillion) by the courts of California, USA. “The deal will take will be negotiated in months,” as quoted The Vergeyesterday (3/2).

The order is in relation to the dozens and dozens of the action Class Action submitted in 2017 and 2018. This case comes from the so-called controversy ‘battery gate’ Apple. Similar complaints from consumers in France, by the French consumer organisation, HOP the end of 2017.

Consumer organisations, the fact that the performance of the iPhone , SE and 7 slow after updating to iOS 10.2.1 and 11.2. (Read: Slowing down the performance of the iPhone, Apple was fined by a French Rp 374,4 billion euros)

At that time, Apple claims that the performance slows down, it is deliberately done by the company. The goal is to avoid a complete closure, which can be caused by aging of lithium-ion batteries.

The French government has fined Apple € 25 million, or approximately (Us $ 374,4 billion euros). It is based on the investigation for two years by the superintendent of competition and fraud of French aka French watchdog for competition and fraud (DGCCRF).

In the U.S., Apple asked the compensation to the owners of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7Plus, or SE, with the iOS operating system 10.2.1 or later. So also with the consumer, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with iOS 11.2 or at the latest before the 21st century. December 2017.

Apple is considered to not reveal the impact of the updates to the OS on the performance of the iPhone for consumers. It is a disadvantage for the customer. (Read: Apple Asked, she Said the list of Blocked applications, at the request of China)

However, quoted from Reuters, Apple’s rate of compensation of $ 25 per iPhone is already quite large in value. So, you expect that the damage for the slowing down the performance of the iPhone, a maximum of only US$ 46 per unit.

Also, the company apologized for the slowing down the performance of the iPhone. Then lowered the price of the replacement batteries from the US$ 79 US $ 29.

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Reporter: Fahmi Ahmad Burhan

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