Apple Donates 9 Million Face Masks


EXACTLY.CO., If this world is in need of medical equipment specific to the face of an outbreak of the virus Covid-19, such as, for example, a face mask, for example. Many technology companies begin to move, to overcome these obstacles.

Apple is one of them, the recently made as much as 9 million masks for health care facilities in the United States of America (USA), as quoted from Ubergizmo, Thursday (26/3),

“And I spoke today, and the President spoke last week with Tim Cook of Apple. And in this time, the Apple of your store, and donate to said 9 million N95 masks in health facilities throughout the country and the national inventory”, US Vice-President Mike Pence went to the house.

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It is not known whether Apple plans to make a donation similar to that in other countries where they operate.

As mentioned above, many of the technology hinted at strive-continue to help the medical staff, the Front line in dealing with this pandemic.

Instead of produce last week, Razer, the convert is actually a global online gaming company, some of the first production line of a face mask. The results of the production of face masks will be donated to various countries that need it the most.