Apple, Google and Samsung Asked to take care of the users Health App


INDOZONE.ID Some time ago, Apple and Google have not implemented a new policy where it will not give permission to the developer app, using the information to outside of the WHO-associated corona-virus.

But this time, the giant technology firm are necessary to the protection of personal data of users of health apps that are not expired and misused by third parties.

You are aware of the fact that the request by the Democratic legislature of New Jersey. Through a letter to the 3 major technology companies, namely Apple, Google and Samsung, it has asked to the data of the user.

Because in the midst of the presence of the corona virus, a lot of smartphone users, the health app, so that user data is to be stolen, vulnerable to third party or hackers.

In addition, members of the Parliament of the health, not the permission also appealed to the app developers to share the third parties and process the data of its users.

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