Apple is Desperate to Re-Open Store in China


Saturday, March 14, 2020 – 14:29 WIB Apple is Desperate to Re-Open Store in China

Apple Store in China. Photo: TRT World

jpnn.comAPPLE to have reported, to re-open the 24-hour store/shop in China on Friday (13/3). Apple had shut down more than a month after the outbreak of the corona virus.

The website of Apple China lists the open time for all stores. Opening hours vary from 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. local time.

The site was previously imparted the information that not all the shops serve the customer.

Reported by Reuters, on Thursday (14/3), Apple has announced the closure of shops in China at the beginning of February, 2020, the impact of the outbreak of the corona virus, which are widely used.

China restricts travel in and asked to avoid the inhabitants, in public places at the end of January 2020 then, directly before the festival of the Lunar New Year. The restrictions in February 2020.

The impact of the virus from China, in fact, all the demand is reduced. Apple claims to sell only less than half a million iphones in China in February 2020.

The consumer demand for the iPhone was decreased dramatically, because the corona virus is spreading in the different regions. Unfortunately, the iPhone not to mention how much the loss of you, of course.

In fact, Apple’s introduction of the latest iPhone had to delay the market also with the network of the fifth generation through the application of the rules of the travel ban, according to the corona-virus has spread almost all over the country. (mg9/jpnn)