Apple is iPhone Free 9 Plus with a 5.5-inch screen?


Further, the previous code for iOS 14 to be called, show some information about a number of new Apple products. These products are iPhone 9, iPad Pro and Apple TV.

Based on leaks, the it in the iOS 14, iPhone 9 TouchID, a fingerprint reader in the Home button. This is in contradiction with previous reports, in which the smartphone this is only FaceID.

In addition, the iPhone 9 will also be Express Transit, which allows people to pay for public transport in London, New York, Portland, Japan, Beijing and

Meanwhile, the iPad Pro will have three rear camera along with a sensor with a 3D-Time-of-Flight. Sensor this is called the ability of photography iPad in line with the latest iPhone.

Apple reportedly working on Apple TV box and remote to replace new Siri-remote. An application of the TV box as a trainer and music player, when the user with the exercising.