Apple Is Not Reported, Ask The Shop Staff Will Ask The User To Try The Product –

142–Many concerned with the spread of the corona virus. A way to prevent its spread, the maintenance of personal hygiene by washing hands with cleaning and hands touch the face. Concerns about the spread of the virus, make the Apple to prevent consumers try some of the products in their stores.

According to reports, Apple has not ordered, to encourage the employees of your retail price store visitors to try, AirPods, or Apple Watch. Consumers can try the two products, if you want to. But the staff is not allowed, the consumer is encouraged to try to write UbergizmoFriday (13/3).

This is a step by Apple to protect workers and consumers. This is because it is difficult to know who is the famous virus, the at a glance. To prevent better than to regret. In addition, Apple also improve your business-maintain the cleanliness of their stores.

To rent some of the steps that is taken more a janitor, you put the hand sanitizer, and so that the employees get paid per hour for the sick leave without pay.

Editor : Ranu Ario