Apple launches the phone Best cheap iPhone 9 Plus, you’re an open book


Apple is the launch of the latest smartphone version of affordable iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus, with a screen size of 5.5 inches.

iPhone 9 Plus is rumored to carry the opto A13 Bionic 2019 similar to the iPhone 11, the currently available on the market.

Apple is preparing a line of iPhone 9 current replace is quoted by the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus 2017 as iPhone the best of GSM Arena.

iPhone 9, the latest welcomes to the market, because the price of the iPhone 11, and iPhone XR. Apple still need time to figure out, associated with the acceptance of the community towards the decision the design of the iPhone 8 in the new phones.

Leaked other, iPhone 9 iPhone 9 Plus the option has the security of TouchID and aperture in the lower part of the thick. However, with the introduction of this phone, a delay will occur because the supply chain is experiencing obstacles due to the COVID-19.

Earlier, Apple officially Beats 4 released and will in the coming days for 150 USD (Rp2,3 million).

When compared with the headset is the third generation, a new fashion, with more battery life and hardware of the Bluetooth is better.

Powerbeats 4 supported to present the ability, the audio quality is the same right Beats Pro retails for USD250 (Rp3,8 million euros), as well as the supported certificate waterproof IPX4 similar. The main difference between them lies in the provision of the cable of the earphones connect.

Therefore, the Beats Pro comes without a cable, while the non-Pro version with the cable that connects the two buds. Other improvements, the equipment Beats 4 is the battery life claimed up to 15 hours.

Meanwhile, Apple is preparing a new device that will soon be launched, with the support of a number of encryption features.

So Apple must register the document contains information about the latest products, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

According to Apple Insider, the registration of the documents for the new iPad with the model number A2229. This document noted that the product is a tablet computer with the Apple brand, and use the operating system iPadOS 13.

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