Apple Natural scarcity of shares in the iPhone Due to a Virus Corona?


AFTER Apple employees, with voice bloomberg, the place where he works, has told employees that the stock of the iPhone will be reduced in the course of the next few weeks. The disadvantage of the influence of the outbreak of the corona virus, the current was.

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Apple is rumored to lack of stock, the iPhone, due to the corona virus (photo: pixabay/pexels)

The company has announced the investors, if they can not meet the profit for the second quarter of the financial year 2020.

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that if the delivery of the iPhone in the whole world will be temporarily restricted. It is still not clear that at the time when the effect of the corona virus will have an impact on existing products, including thin clients, replacement iPhone.

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If your iPhone is defective and must be replaced, it is rumored, it will be inventory-replacement device that is limited to exchange for two to four weeks.

Some of the location of the Apple Store component shortages (photo: pixabay/monoer)rumored

The report also noted that some of the location of the Apple Store, a shortage of components. This means that in such cases, minor repairs are ordinary treats, in-store, you can not likely be made because of the lack.

But that doesn’t mean you have no option, if your iPhone works. Bloomberg said a memo from Apple to explain that one of the employees of the branch had the authority arrives to send iPhone a replacement to the customer at any time, if available, or give your iPhone to the replacement.

In addition, Bloomberg noted, if Apple have opened the back most of the shop based in China, previously closed because of the corona virus.

It could be a sign, when a part of the business-Apple will work soon normal. In addition, Apple also could already be solved, predicts a shortage of stock in the next few weeks. (Ryn)

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