Apple Re-Open All the stores in China


Further, Apple and Google, the various applications in connection with the corona-virus is rejected, that information is not from the government, the hospital and the world health organization WHO. Application-the application associated corona-virus, the not used the source is known, it could not in the Apple app store and Google.

Quote of the page CNBCthis information was expressed by some developers, the iPhone app.

Four app developers say, Apple rejected the app. In regard to applications, the information and statistics on the countries, the positive cases of the virus Corona. Most of the applications these are use of public data from credible denied trusted sources like the WHO to make dashboard and or card real-time.

A number of developers requested that his name be called, to avoid problems with the review process of Apple.

One of the developers said the Apple employees said that over the phone, all the information should be with the corona-virus in the application, Apple applications, on the official statement of the WHO or the government.