Apple reaches record market value of $ 2 trillion

Image: Pixabay

Apple now worth $ 2 trillion. This is the number reached by the company at the opening of the market on Wednesday (19), becoming the first company in the United States to reach this total number.

The market value was reached after a new high registered in the shares, traded at the US $ 468 at the time of the production of this article – and still up, especially after the news of the broken record. At the end of August, the shares will have a fractional value to increase the number of possible investors, which may cause the number to skyrocket.

This achievement is not only impressive for the peak reached, but also for the speed. Apple reached $ 1 trillion in 2018 alone, is the first technology company to achieve that feat – it has been publicly traded for 40 years. At the beginning of August this year, it already indicated that it would reach the new ceiling by being worth more than Brazilian GDP. As one of the consequences of the appreciation, the current CEO, Tim Cook, became a billionaire.

The expectation now is to know which are the next brands in the sector also located in the United States and which can reach the US $ 2 trillion. In the race are AmazonMicrosoft, and Alphabet, all already at the same trillion-dollar level.