Apple Reject The App Coronavirus Outside Of The Official Institutions


(Vibiznews – stock) Apple, the application is not rejected in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, which were from the institution, which is recognized as the government or the hospital.

Four independent developer, told CNBC, that Apple rejected the app, which will allow people to see statistics, which country has confirmed cases of the virus corona COVID-19. Some of these applications, the use of public data from trusted sources, such as the world health to create organization (WHO), the dashboard or the map directly. Some developers asked not to be called to avoid further complications with the review process of Apple.

One of the developers said an Apple employee explained over the phone that everything in connection with coronavirus are released to, by the organization of the health officials or the government. Other developers get a written reply that the application information on the medical information that must be submitted by a recognised institution.

Apple was specifically the application of Corona rating-Virus to prevent the spread of false information. He looked up from where the health data are derived and whether the developer, the representatives of the organization that can be trusted, the users to publish exact data, such as the government or an organization that focuses on health, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Restrictions seems to work, because the results of the search are some of the applications of the plague and no spam show. But there is also a reduction in the availability of software can allow them to track iPhone users, the outbreak, and raises the question of who is allowed to develop applications for the iPhone.

This step is executed, if the big tech companies struggle with the impact of false information in connection with outbreaks of coronavirus on your platform. Last month, Amazon seller, be warned you make a note of a list of products that claim to be able to kill corona virus. CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Tuesday that he “focus to ensure all people have access to credible information and accurately” about the outbreak and remove the contents with a conspiracy theory. Google provides the information of the World Health Organization in the top Google search on the corona-virus in a special module and banned the ads for products of anti-coronavirus.

Search for “coronavirus” in the App Store on Wednesday in the United States showed the top results is a Portuguese-speaking about the outbreak issued by the government of Brazil. Below is a wallpaper app, not in the context, a game that similarly looks like the game of the epidemic, the best-selling Plague Inc., the application of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Epoch Times, and the application with the information COVID-19 published by Unbound, a developer of medical applications.

Top results for “COVID 19” is a “tracer ” virus” from the developer named Healthlynked with the figures of the WHO and map showing the cases that have already been confirmed.

Asido Situmorang, Senior Analyst, Vibiz Research Center, Vibiz Consulting