Apple-Release of Websites and applications On Corona Virus


Timlo.netGoogle had previously announced, if you are working on your own website to the users accurate information about the corona virus. The Website was developed to counter the false information spread. In fact, there are some people who spread the news and rumors that are not correct, that can cause a panic.

Apple also announced that if you published a site to discuss COVID-19, and a request to discuss the virus. To allow “the app and Website-COVID-19 the user to answer a series of questions about risk factors, exposure recently, and the symptoms for yourself or your loved ones. After that, you are the recommendations of the CDC for the next steps to accept, including guidelines to social distancing and the isolation of the self, such as monitoring symptoms with a in the vicinity, whether test or not, and when to contact the medical staff,” wrote Apple reported UbergizmoFriday (27/3).

Apple has also confirmed when the Siri was inupdate. Digital assistant, can now a number of questions to be answered in connection with the corona virus.

Editor : Ranu Ario